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Posted on April 27th, 2015

Battle for Darkmount now on DVD  

Fans of Transformers will know the last DVD ended on a nail biting cliff hanger with the monstrous war on earth between the Autobots and Decepticons. A heroic Optimus Prime sacrificed his own safety to ensure the escape of his army, but the Autobot base has been thrown into ruin, with its inhabitants forced into hiding as the Decepticons begin to take control of their new fortress; Darkmount. This new DVD takes the adventure in to a new dimension where following years of isolation on Cybertron, Shockwave arrives on earth in an attempt to hunt down the remaining Autobots who have been scattered across the globe and establish an overarching Deception dominion. Now the only chance of survival is for the Autobots and humans to work together to defeat a common foe, protect their homelands and overthrow Megatron’s tyrannous regime once and for all. While their future hangs in the balance, our protectors have yet to determine if their fearless leader Optimus Prime managed to survive the blast!


Transformers Beast Hunters DVD out now

Don’t miss this gripping game-changing season opener, Transformers Prime: Beast hunters – The Battle for Darkmount is out on DVD now. Grab your copy and let the kids enjoy being transported into the action with their imaginations flowing and willing Optimus Prime to save the day.


Transformers Beast Hunters DVD


We have a copy of Beast Hunters Battle for Darkmount free to borrow here at Coombe Mill.  What could be better after a day of fun on the farm, making dams in the stream, swimming the river and den building to create Darkmount than to relax back in your cottage or lodge watching this DVD and reliving the action while dinner cooks.  Revived and energized there is a new day waiting to do it all over again! 


Chilling out after a busy day on the farm


Hasbro Studios have brought out a limited range of promotional Transformer toys to accompany the DVD.  These toys are a great way to develop imagination in children as they role play the DVD story embellishing it with their own ideas through these figurines.  The toys are adult palm sized for age 5+ and require a level of dexterity to create the Transformer changes.   


Optimus Prime Transformers Toy

5 chances to WIN a Transformer toy with Coombe Mill 

The special promotional toys are not available to buy in the shops however we have teamed up with Hasbro Studios to offer one of Bumblebee, Optimus Prime or Starscream to five lucky winners here on the blog. For your chance to be a winner of these special promotional Transformer toys follow the instructions below. Good luck to all taking part.

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I was given my copy of the Transformers Beast Hunters DVD which is in the Coombe Mill collection for our guess to watch.