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Posted on May 1st, 2015

Finding Friendship and Adventure at Coombe Mill.

It doesn’t take much for my children to take to the river. The temperature has crept up and that means time to cool off in the river as far as my children are concerned. Guy had made friends with one of our holiday makers and the pair of them set a plan to sail down the river after the feed run. I thought it was still too cold myself but they were unstoppable in their plan.


Making Friends and Memories


Guy and Jed wasted no time in showing their new friend how to jump off the bridge. Everyone watched in amazement as they all plunged in together.

Jumping off the Bridge

Jed ran straight back inside to warm up but the other two set about their surfing task and ran up stream with body boards to jump in and surf back down. They managed the full length of our river, under Coombe Bridge and down through the rapids accepting a helping hand back out before they ended up at Padstow!


Surfing along the Coombe Mill River

They bonded over a soggy walk back along the riverbank while us parents carried the boards and ran hot baths!  


Walking along the river with Bodyboards


This was just the start of their adventure, Guy then showed his new friend how to fish down on the lake.  Jed came by with a flask of tea for them with another friend and the four of them had a lovely time, they even caught a fish which Guy expertly unhooked.


Group Fishing on the Lakes

After all this fun going their separate ways for the night was just never going to happen. Instead they found Guy’s tent and set up camp down by the river next to their fishing spot! There was much coming and going with torches and sleeping bags and a little midnight feast to keep them going!


Putting up the tent for the night


They carried on fishing until the light faded and then settled into their tent for the night. We left the front door to our house open just in case they lost faith in the night. I was thrilled for Guy that he found someone as fond of camping as him. This was in Guy’s own words “one of the best days ever” even if they did lock up the tent and creep back indoors around 10pm.

The following day the fishing and swimming continued. They decided on a plan to surf the river from Coombe Mill to Wenford Bridge where the famous Camel trail begins. It is not walkable all the way as it crosses private land and some stretches are over grown so i had no idea what the sate of the river would be but I knew it was about a mile stretch and the lack of rain suggested it wouldn’t be too deep. I waved them off and waited about 20 minutes before driving down to meet them. I walked the bank as far as I could to sit and wait for them, I heard them before I saw them, they were overjoyed to have completed their task and even had a mention on local radio for one of the most fun things to be doing on this lovely spring afternoon!


Surfing to Wenfordbridge


They relocated the tent next to the Fairy garden and the river and this time stayed out all night.


New Fishing and Camping Spot


All the fun of the farm is here year round, yet it takes a fresh set of eyes for my own children really appreciate the freedom and adventure open to them.



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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


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