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Posted on May 8th, 2015

Triplet’s birthday Party

The Triplets turned 11 on their school camp. It was the first birthday when I didn’t see them at all on their birthday, instead waving them off the day before and handing their birthday cake to their teacher. Needless to say they had a wonderful time and the whole school sang them happy birthday and shared their cake.


Guy Jed and Clio's Birthday Cake


For their party I wanted to do a farm fun day as in previous years with tractor pulling, treasure hunts and more for all their friends. However at eleven the triplets had other ideas. This was the year they wanted to abandon Coombe Mill and venture further afield. Finding something they all agreed on took some planning and I left them to agree a sensible itinerary between them. They came back with a visit to their favourite all you can eat Asian restaurant in Plymouth followed by ice-skating. Apart from the cost this all seemed plausible, though I warned them they were limited by transport to 9 friends plus the 5 of us. Suddenly our nine seat family van was very handy.


Triplets 11th Birthday


The kids made the most of their meal at The View with plenty of trips to the buffet table and had the poor magician monopolised forever blowing them character balloons and running card tricks.


Party Meal at The View, Plymouth


Having eaten all they could manage we took them all over to Plymouth Hoe with a football for an hour or so. Thank fully it stayed dry and the boys wasted no time in setting up jumpers as goal posts and embarking on a game of football with Jed’s new birthday present ball.



The Boys Playing Football


The girls were less enamoured with football and after climbing the statues chose to hang out in groups listening to music and taking selfies, a sign they are all growing up beyond my liking!


Selfies and Climbing


Nick had never been to the Hoe before so I took him for a little walk down to the seafront past the lighthouse. If I wasn’t keeping half an eye on the twelve children playing I’d liked to have gone up the lighthouse. At only £2.80 it looks worth it, one for another time.  


Plymouth Lighthouse

Plymouth is never seen as a city of beauty but there really are some lovely parts and this is one of them. Nick and I had a lovely quiet half an hour away from the tweenage banter. 

Views from the Plymouth Hoe

Just time for a Group photo before running off towards the ice rink


Running off after Group Photo


I had booked and paid in advance to make sure we all had a place but we were delighted to find how quiet it was, I think we must have made up half the numbers which couldn’t have been better for the kids or for me keeping an eye on everyone as Nick had taken ice skating as his cue to disappear into town.


Ice Skating in the Pavillions


I soon forgave Nick as he returned with wind chimes for the Fairy Garden and googly eyes & tape for my farm Activity Hour Crafts and a Manchester City Bag to go with Jed’s birthday Football kit.


Nick's Purchases


I thought it might have been a little quieter on the journey home with tired children but not a bit of it, I don’t think they stopped for breath the whole way but they did all have a wonderful day.



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