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Posted on June 12th, 2015


Leave our eggs!

Every summer just as the egg production from the chickens really sets in so the crows arrive.  The children hunt high and low each morning on the feed run in all the chicken laying boxes and scour the undergrowth in the field in search of eggs, but the early mornings give the crows a head start on us. So often we are left with a pitiful collection in our farm bucket only to find the evidence of the crows tasty breakfast feast scattered around the deer field by way of empty egg shells!


Crows, Broken Eggs and Feeding Chickens


There had to be a way to beat the crows, other than waking up at 4am to chase them away.  Amber was running the morning feed run when the answer dawned to make scare crows. This was the perfect answer to an annoying problem and one our younger guests could help with for activity hour. In no time we began planning our giant scarecrow and mini ones that each child could make too.


Scarecrow making

As everyone gathered for the afternoon session we split into two groups, Amber and some of the adults helped cut tunics out of an old sheet while I led an expedition to the fairy garden in search of twigs for our scarecrow frames.

Cutting tunics and collecting sticks

The children set to work decorating their tunics in their own bespoke designs and designing faces on paper bowls.


Colouring in the scarecrows

To assemble them we used string to make a cross for the body and arms, fed our tunics over these and secured the heads by poking the neck of the sick through the paper bowl.

Making mini scarecrows

When every child had their own mini scarecrow ready we set off for Jurassic Park where the chickens lived stopping by Farmer Nick’s shed for some straw to stuff our giant scarecrow that was made much the same way but kitted out in some of my children’s old clothes! Together we stuffed the stick structure into shape and dug the whittled end into the ground.


Filling the big scarecrow


The children then pushed their mini scarecrows into the ground around the field near all the laying boxes and stood back to admire their work.


Placing the Mini Scarecrows around the field

We all set off for the evening train ride in the hope that flapping tunics would deter the morning crows.



With no feed fun on a Saturday it was the new guests on Sunday who reaped the rewards of our scarecrows; I think we really did make a difference with a bucket full of eggs to share.


Morning Feed Run Eggs

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