Blog Camp Bristol

Posted on June 14th, 2015

I’ve done it, I’ve finally managed to attend my 1st blog camp and in true blogging style feel the need to share my highlights.

BlogCamp Bristol Coombe Mill's Perspective

Bristol is a fair old journey for me but it is the closest any blogging event has ever come to Cornwall so I was keen not to miss out on an event I could ‘just’ do in a day. 

Expectations on the day


Expectation of BlogCamp Bristol

By networking I mean catching up with friendly faces I knew and meeting those I’ve so far only spoken to online. New tips on my blogging are always welcome, after all the learning journey never ends as I’ve alluded to before. Finally I mention the journey because living in deepest darkest Cornwall I don’t actually travel that far very often so Bristol city centre actually felt quite daunting.  

The reality of Blog Camp Bristol

I was right to worry about my journey, after opting out of driving in fear of the journey back to Cornwall on a summer’s Friday evening with all the tourists I booked myself on the train, something I’ve not done in years. Oh dear things have moved on, after a 5am start I was soon confused by the parking meter, machine to sort my ticket and only just made it onto the train. there I relaxed and began to tweet and selfie my time away.


Train #selfie check out a tired me from my 5am start.

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3 hours later in Bristol I couldn’t work my google maps and resorted to asking for directions to passersby until running into Mel and Vicki on the walk in and feeling much happier in company.


Vicki Mel and Fiona

I’m not sure that Bristol was typical of all blog camps but being just 50 attendees it felt very informal, relaxed and easy to network. All the sessions were inclusive in one room and two way discussions soon flowed with those in the room embellishing the speaker contributions. Molly began with babe in arms, well what else can you do with a little one in tow? It set the informal scene for the day along with other babies welcome in the room. The content  was professional and insightful on writing for a living, just showing how we Mums can really multitask on so many levels! Amy inspired us with her entrepreneurial achievements running into food blogging before lunch making my tummy rumble from Mel and Helen followed by Hayley talking photos with many amusing quips after lunch and the day finished with a panel of bloggers and a great open discussion with everyone in the room. It really was a perfect opportunity for anyone who fears the larger conferences to be involved in a comfortable friendly atmosphere.


Speakers at BlogCamp Bristol

We were perfectly catered for all day with an ample supply of tea and coffee breaks and a scrumptious buffet for lunch. there was plenty of time to eat and chat fulfilling the needs of my rumbling tummy whilst managing to catch up with many of my fellow bloggers. However my food photography learning went out the window as I snapped chatted and ate proving that my own multitasking only goes so far!

The food at BlogCamp Bristol

My personal take out was that I need to work harder on my Facebook page, it is not my favourite form of social media but the session did remind me that this is where most Mums (bloggers or not) tend to be and so where my target market hangs out and I need to make more effort to engage readers here. My second take out was that I need to do more PR for Coombe Mill, I do nothing to shout about our achievements in the press or on external websites and this is currently a missed opportunity.    

Reality of BlogCamp Bristol


I have to say a big thank you to Hiive who sponsored the day; all the speaker slides will be available on their creative networking website for job seekers. If you join them you can see all the slides and ask questions of the presenters through there too.

Finally I have to say a big thank you to TOTS 100 for organising the day.  I may have missed the famous Sally Whittle humour and squeezey hug but Lindy did a great job hosting and facilitating the day.