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Posted on June 19th, 2015

Fairy Cakes and wizard’s potion 

Here on the farm we had an active group of preschool age boys and girls staying all hoping for some childhood fun for Activity Hour. Thanks to commissioning our new mud kitchen in the week I had a plan forming that I knew would engage them all.


Fairy Cakes and Wizards Potion


We began as usual over at the craft tent where the children set to work making magic wands to their own design. We secured the ribbons with Clio’s endless supply of old loom bands.


Making the Fairy Wands


I shared my new laminated recipes for the Mud kitchen for Fairy Cakes, Wizard’s Potion and Goblin Gratin and the children were captivated, their imaginations racing.


Mud Kitchen Recipe Cards


They didn’t need asking twice to choose a wizard or fairy outfit from our fancy dress collection and then armed with wands and empty containers we made our way across the farm to the mud kitchen filling our containers along the way with cooking ingredients from nature.


Collecting ingredients for the Mud Kitchen


I was delighted to stand back and watch as the children aged just two to six worked together making dinner for the fairies. There was much concentration, plenty of stirring and waving of wands as fairy cakes baked in the oven and potions boiled on the hob. Listening in on their conversations it was plain to see they were totally wrapped up in the task and loving this new space.


Making Mud Pies in the Mud Kitchen

Satisfied with the results the children carefully carried their meals over to the fairy garden discussing recipes as they walked.

Carrying the Fairies Food

Entering the gardens the children turned cakes out by Snow White and her Seven Dwarfs, fed them to our resident gnome and ladled potion and scattered meals around the edge of the pathways ready for the fairies to come down from the trees and out from the bushes.  All that remained was to wave wands and sound the wind chimes to alert the fairies that dinner was served.


Feeding the Fairies and Goblins


While we waited for the fairies to come Farmer Nick had another project waiting for us on the lower tier of the fairy garden.  The Coombe Mill bug house was taking shape but needed filling with bamboo lengths. Several of the older boys helped to stuff them inside. They were a little disappointed it wasn’t instantly filled with creepy crawlies so I relocated our stone lady bird to sit on top for now. I’m sure it will be a thriving hotel in no time.


Filling up the Bug Hotel


It was an hour of enchanted childlike play stimulating imagination and creativity in the children with plenty of teamwork too. I can see both our Mud Kitchen and Bug Hotel having plenty of use over the summer season.



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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall