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Posted on June 26th, 2015

Launceston Steam Fair

We had a wonderful family day at the Launceston Fair a couple of years ago and on hearing it was taking place again we were keen for a follow up trip. I am still coming to terms with my teens choosing not to accompany us on all our family outings and reluctantly left them to fend for themselves at home instead taking just Guy, Clio and Clio’s friend.


Launceston Steam Fair

On arriving the sun was shining and the fair had a real festival buzz about it. The kids wasted no time in spotting the most sick making machine at the show and insisted on making it their first venture. I conceded on the basis that at least they hadn’t eaten anything yet! It was rather like a mini fairground wheel that tossed you upside down and back to front, it made me feel sick just to watch but Clio insisted her screams signified she was enjoying the ride!

Clio on the Gyro Ride

Guy found a paintball shooting range. What boy could resist proving himself here with plenty of scary targets waiting to be struck?


Guy at the Shooting Range


The girls then sauntered off to look at jewellery and clothes tents. I was really impressed with the range of stalls there, always something to tempt you that you don’t see in everyday shops.


Range of stalls


Besides the stalls there were endless displays in the arenas. Guy set his new back pack come stool up in the front row to watch as the Minion dance moved into war time classics before the mini plane came thundering down the field, although apparently there was insufficient space for it to actually take off.

Guy sat watching the show

My favourite display was the kids on their motorbikes. How they make those stunt bikes climb and jump I don’t know but it is a thrill to watch.


Kids on Scrambler Bikes


Motion in miniature had us all captivated as from fairground ride to steam trains every stand had a mini working model. Further down the big brother counterparts whistled, chugged and sputtered oozing charm and nostalgia for a bye gone era.


Vintage Vehicles

Having munched our way round the stalls and invested in far more impulse purchases than strictly necessary we were about to leave when Guy spotted the bike challenge from last year and just had to have a go. It looks so easy, just cycle a few yards on a bicycle with the handlebars on back to front and claim £15. Needless to say it is much harder than it sounds and poor Guy had to forfeit his last £2 and concede defeat. No doubt he will be back for another try next year!

Guy on the wrong way bike

The video captures much of the fun from the day and the children are looking forward to more Cornish events this summer.

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall