BritMums Live 2015

Posted on June 28th, 2015

After 3 years of attending BritMums Live, did year 3 match up to those before? Hell yes! In fact this may have been the best year so far. My expectations going there were pretty routine, I wanted to catch up with my Mum before and after while I was up country, I hoped to meet with old blogging friends and introduce myself to new friends I’ve made on line and hopefully learn a few tips for my blog too. 


Coombe Mill meets The Twirly Woos at Brit Mums Live


For me BritMums delivered on every count. I had a lovely time with my Mum topping and tailing the event at her new flat and exploring the surrounding countryside. I find it so hard to leave the business and travel up there but Brit Mums provides the opportunity.


Meeting Mum before BritMums Live


I proceeded to make the most of every minute of the 2 days in London. Meeting so many people in a short space of time does feel a little overwhelming and I found myself having to apologise for my failing eyesight at reading the badges and hopeless recognition, but once I was put straight on faces to blogs it was truly wonderful to meet, hug and exchange stories.  


Blogging friends to Coombe Mill at Brit Mums 2015


I lost count of the number of times I failed to make it to the coffee table for bumping into fellow bloggers I just had to stop and hug. If ever there was an event to make me feel included and welcome this was it, even if I was one of the oldest bloggers there. I didn’t capture everyone but if I stopped to chat, the chances are you are in these photos.


Blogging friends to Coombe Mill met at Brit Mums 2015

Socially, I couldn’t have asked for more: Thank you to everyone who came up to me recognising my fabric logo and a huge thanks to those who thanked me for running Country Kids; you made the work I put into the linky promoting the benefits of outdoor time for children worth every minute.


Brit Mums Life Bloggers meeting with Coombe Mill


When it comes to content from the two days I always find the best sessions on the Saturday and infuriatingly they often clash. Please BritMums spread out the popular topics more next year.  I missed the YouTube session and Improve your blog design that I had hoped to attend. Never the less I made my choices and on balance learned something from each session I that I can do right now to improve my blog. In no particular order and without looking at my copious notes these are the main action points for me:

  1. I need to work my facebook page. I knew this coming out of blog camp a fortnight earlier and have begun to try to engage more. It is still the most widely used platform and especially important for me with the Coombe Mill Business as it is where Mums with young children are to be found. I plan to:
    • Check out new features
    • Post daily with relevant content, currently I only post 3 or 4 times a week
    • Pay to promote a key post, like late availability or a special offer

  2. Be clearer on Pinterest
    • Split some of my boards into more specific searchable boards, especially my craft boards
    • Reduce the collages I use to pin and focus on a clear photo with a clear message
    • Have another look at Rich Pins which can help SEO ranking, I tried this last year but found it very hard on my non wordpress/blogger base.

  3. Consolidate my Google Plus
    • I have 4 accounts running as Coombe Mill all performing in different sectors, but it would seem for me Local business is the one I should concentrate on and build my reviews there. If anyone reading this has stayed with us please do drop me a review here as it will really help out holidays to be found on Google searches.

  4. Add a What’s App button.
    •  I’ve no real idea about this but apparently i need it on my website so I’m off to find out what it’s all about.

  5. Be more creative with my giveaways and competitions
    • I picked Di Coke’s brains on the merits of imaginative competitions rather than just giveaways thinking in particular of my annual Win Christmas at Coombe Mill offer, watch out for some exciting entry criteria this autumn. 

Brit Mums speakers from the 2015 conference at the Brewery London as attended by Coombe Mil

There was so much more besides from analysing key words to learning to knit and meeting brands  but the points above are the things that I feel will make a difference quickly for my business. There were some inspiring presenters that knew their stuff and I need to go over some of the slides again in more detail, that said there are also some real gems I picked up from other bloggers in coffee lounge chats. The whole event is such a learning curve, even for an old timer like me, in fact I discovered a whole crowd of us over 40 bloggers and I’m joining their facebook group as there are some real characters in there who make me smile and are at a similar life stage to me.   


Brit Mums Live 2015 over 40s bloggers Group


I came home hoarse and exhausted but feeling the blogging love and excited to move my own work forward as I handed out my lovely goody bag amongst my family.

Brit Mums Live 2015 Goodie Bag

Thank you Brit Mums and all the sponsors, I might even be back for a 4th year!