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Posted on June 29th, 2015

A new linky on Upcycling

Trash 2 Treasure the ultimate upcycling linky


I have been dithering over this one for nearly a year and finally decided to take the plunge and start a new linky based around upcyling. This all came about from Activity Hour which we run weekly here at the farm. After a year of creating something from nothing crafts and games with the children and sharing the joy they bring as part of my outdoor fun linky Country Kids, I thought it was time to respond to some of the requests I’ve had on how these crafts and games are made. I already have a few ‘how to make’ random posts but my new linky will make them more regular. The linky will cover not just kids’ crafts but any upcycling. Farmer Nick has some wonderful upcycling for house and home I plan to share here and I hope to take inspiration from all who join me too.

Introducing Trash 2 Treasure

The linky for all your upcycling ideas. 

If you have post about something you have made with something from nature or something you would have otherwise have thrown away please come and share on Trash to Treasure. Posts can be kids crafts, adult reclamations turned into something beautiful or useful or even yesterday’s meal turned into something tasty for tomorrow.


Farm Crafts made at Coombe Mill from upcycling for the Trash to Treasure Linky

Trash 2 Treasure Linky Guidelines

The linky will run on the 1st Monday of every month and stay open for the full month. The first link up will be Monday 6th July 2015.

    1. Posts can take any format, all that matters is that the item made has been upcycled from something of little value or found in nature.
      • Leaves and Loo Rolls, Sticks and staples, there are so many throw away items which, with a little imagination can be turned into something of value.

    2. Please grab my lovely new badge so others can find your posts from the linky too. 

  1. Please visit and comment on a few other posts on the linky. It’s the best way to develop new ideas yourself and encourage other’s back to your post.

  2. Maximum 4 posts per month – she says optimistically!

  3. Optional – ask to join my Pinterest board and pin your post.

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My commitment to you

  1. I will read and comment on every post linked up to Trash 2 Treasure
  2. Use hashtag #Trash2Treasure on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and I will retweet or like and leave a comment.

  3. I will promote all who link with me at least once during the month to my 9000 twitter followers.

  4. I will comment on all who pin to the Pinterest board.

That's it, please come and join me on my upcycling journey and lets all enjoy sharing ideas for making something from nothing, or turning Trash 2 Treasure. If you've never tried upcycling, pop over to the linky from Monday the 6th July anyway and see what it's all about. Hopefully it won't just be my posts!