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Posted on July 3rd, 2015

Sports Day

I have seen a few first sports day posts coming in on Country Kids over the past couple of weeks, and I have read them with a sense of nostalgia knowing I was coming up to my last one ever. My triplets are my babies and they leave primary school in just three weeks time. This month sees the last of so many wonderful traditions associated with the village school for us: The last school performance; the last school assembly, combined with their leaver’s service; the last junior disco and beach fun day and of course their last sports day. As the morning arrived I already had mummers of ” oh Mum there’s no need to come this year” how upsetting that they no longer want their Mum shouting from the side lines, that their faces no longer light up to see me there waving widely from across the playing fields. Instead there is a slightly embarrassed shuffle as they spot me claiming my space with their Grandma ready to watch.  I felt quite teary watching my three as team leaders of the Blue, Yellow and Green teams and noticing how they are the big ones of the school now.  


sports day teams

As the events began, my triplets stopped worrying about me being there instead taking on more of their former year traits, glancing over in my direction at the end of a race for a wave and a thumbs up. It’s good to know that deep down they do still want me there. I in return was that annoying Mother cheering away and pointing my camera every time they passed. From obstacle race to flat race they gave it their best. They are not the fastest or the best but they did well and were proud of themselves and their teams.


Events at Sports Day


As it was to be my last time ever I put myself up for the Mother’s race at the end. Clio took my camera as she pushed me towards the start line. I am really too old to get up and sprint with no warm up but I threw caution to the wind and did it for them. By some miracle I left the field standing, racing solo over the finish line to cheers and hugs from the triplets and my Mum.


Mums Race


Feeling quite elated for us all Mum took a finishing photo which I love, no embarrassed “why do we have to have a photo?” instead all sharing the end of a happy sports day.


End of an Era The Last Sports Day

Did I pay for my efforts the next day? Hell yes, I could barely walk while the triplets were wondering what all the fuss was about. However it was worth it to make the kids proud and end on a high from  a decade of sitting in a field watching my six children each put their all into competing  for their school teams.



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