How the Cornish Rex Cat helped Coombe Mill

Posted on July 12th, 2015

Making the most of our Russian TV Feature

You may remember a post I wrote back in November last year detailing a Russian TV company who had contacted us hoping to film at Coombe Mill. We were chosen as a beautiful spot on the doorstep of Bodmin Moor, home to the first Cornish Rex Cat. The TV company were a pleasure to deal with both on line and in person and we had a fascinating day filming here with them, the only disappointment being the terrible lighting on a dreadful wet November day. Never the less they carried on regardless and we waved them off onto the next leg of their Cornish adventure, doubting they would use the footage or contact us again.


Russian TV filming at Coombe Mill


Yet to my delight I received  a follow up email thanking us for our time and assuring us that they would forward the final film in time when they had finished editing. I was cursing the weather feeling sure they would edit us out and time was drifting by without further communication. Then last month the film arrived in my inbox.  I was thrilled to see that just 3 minutes into the film they had used all the footage from Coombe Mill.  

I shared the film widely on my social media sites asking if anyone could translate for us, afterall  I had no idea what was being said about us and especially the dubbed interview with Farmer Nick!

Trusting the lovely film company I also risked writing a press release to see if the story might be picked up in wider circles, a translator found and a little extra exposure gained for Coombe Mill. This was my first ever Press Release and I was thrilled to receive a phone call the same day from the Cornish Guardian to check names and details. Sure enough the article came out last week with not too much editing from my version sent to them.     

The Cornish Guardian covers Coombe Mill's Russian filming visit

My calls for help were answered and I received this translated copy of the film thanks to  Andrew Wright. It is really rather sweet and even comical in places. Thank you Penny Carr for the facebook share that led to this connection.



To watch the video with the subtitles click the cc on the bottom right of the video below and choose English.



I am now keeping my fingers crossed that the film and it’s exposure may bring  some  Russian tourism to Cornwall and hopefully a few bookings for Coombe Mill. The whole episode, together with my learnings from Molly J Forbes at Blog Camp has encouraged me to share more of our farm news with the press.