Trash 2 Treasure – August

Posted on August 2nd, 2015


Welcome to Trash 2 Treasure for August; the monthly link up sponsored by our friends at Duck Tape Colours. I’d love you to read what we have been upcycling and if you have a post to add please join me. All the linky guidelines are here so do jump on board.

Making Woodland Mushroom Stools

For this month’s Trash to Treasure post Farmer Nick’s skill comes into play in demonstrating how to carve a mushroom stool.

Mushroom Stool Tutorial

This was an idea I’ve had bubbling for months but was told I’d have to wait for the right tree to come down. We lost several in the winter storms but the trunks weren’t quite substantial enough to make the quality stools I had in mind. It was South Western Power that finally gave me my chance. One of our beautiful old oak trees had been hacked by them once too often along one side where it was dangerously overhanging the power cables to Coombe Mill, it was now looking unsafe to bear another year of full summer foliage and so we agreed it would have to come down. I couldn’t let a beautiful old tree like this go to waste.


SW Power cutting down tree

All the chippings were used to renew the play areas and fairy garden pathways, smaller logs added to the log store and smaller branches given to the rabbits as extra play obstacles. The more substantial and similar similar width logs were held back for Nick to try his hand at carving mushroom stools. Nothing goes to waste here!


wood chippings, bunny branches and log store replenishment from felled tree


I can honestly say Nick had never tried chain saw carving before but he had watched the experts at work at country fairs and is a natural at all DIY. Each stool took about 10 minutes and his method for carving them worked a treat.

Remember to wear full chain saw clothes including steel capped boots, chain saw trousers and head and eye protection.

  1. Place the log on its most stable end end


  1. Shave the top of the log so that it’s rounded


  1. Lay the log on its side and make a groove all the way round a little way below the rounded top. Make it about  approximately 7cm deep being careful not to saw right through the log.


  1. Shave a v shape from just below the circular groove up to the grove


  1. Keep working this same line down the trunk towards the base turning the log after each motion.


  1. Turn the saw around to finish off the base and ensure the mushroom ‘stalk’ is smooth


  1. Stand the log back up and admire your finished mushroom stool!
  Making the Toadstool


A demonstration of making a wooden mushroom stool 




Nick made seven stools in total which we placed in our fairy garden around a large trunk slice which made a table and stools. The children adore this space and can spend hours bringing many of our homemade fairy items in and out of the Fairy table. It is a delight to watch them and a great way to preserve a little piece of a great old tree.  


Mushroom Stools in the Fairy Garden

Joining in with Trash 2 Treasure

If you have post about something you have made with something from nature or something you would have otherwise have thrown away please come and share on Trash 2 Treasure. The linky will run on the 1st Monday of every month and stay open for the full month. Post can take any format all that matters is that the item made has been upcycled from something of little value or found in nature. Leaves and loo rolls, sticks and staples, there are so many throw away items which, with a little imagination can be turned into something of value. Most of my something from nothing craft tutorials will come from fun keepsakes we have made with the children in our farm activity hour but sometimes, like this month, I will share bigger upcycling projects from Farmer Nick too. I hope through the linky to acquire some new ideas and I welcome all posts old and new. 


A little extra from the awesome folk at Duck Tape Colours


Trash 2 Treasure sponsored by Duck Tape UK with Coombe Mill Holidays for creative fun.


Trash to Treasure is sponsored by Duck Tape Colours, makers of colourful tape to add pattern and sparkle to all your upcycling projects. Our favourite upcycling post each month will receive 3 colourful roles of tape to inspire your next project. Do check out their website for plenty of creative ideas.

Congratulations to Blossom and Badger who is July’s winner with upcycled  old welly boots into funky planters. 

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The Free Range Family added some colour to their kitchen, upcycling old tin pots to look fresh and modern.

Some upcycling fun in the garden was had by 3 Kids and a Gluestick who turned an old pallet into a haven for bugs. 


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