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Posted on August 3rd, 2015

A Child to Animal Connection

We all know how pets and children have a special bond, I only need to watch my own children playing with their pets and the special language they adopt to understand the connection they have.


the kids and their pets

It is not just our children, every day I watch the interaction on our farm with the holiday children staying. They love nothing more than to cuddle a rabbit or a chick in an instinctive nurturing manner. I often find the children making rabbit homes and imaginary meals and the biggest treat is feeding our hand raised goat her morning milk bottle.  

Guests with the Bunnies, Chicks and Goats

With this in mind it is easy to see the appeal of the lovely new Littlest Pet Shop series from Hasbro Studios.

Discover a world of tiny marvels as Littlest Pet Shop- Little Pets, Big Adventures debuts onto Digital Download and DVD on 3rd August.

Littlest Pet Shop Series 1 


Win Littlest Pet Shop on DVD


Blythe Baxter and her dad Roger move into a new apartment in Downtown City above the Littlest Pet Shop. Remarkably Blythe discovers that can she can speak to the animals that live in the Pet Shop and beg her to help them save the Pet Shop from going out of business. 

Blythe races against the clock to save the Pet Shop, not only for her new furry friends but also for the Pet Shop’s eccentric owner, Mrs. Twombly. Using her talents as a fashion designer Blythe organises a fashion show featuring the animals modelling her original designs.

 Teddies enjoying Littlest Pet Shop

Can Blythe’s fashion flair save the business? Find out now as Littlest Pet Shop- Little Pets, Big Adventures has arrived and is being sold with a free little pets toy covering 7 episodes:

  1. Blythe’s Big Adventure Part 1
  2. Blythe’s Big Adventure Part 2
  3. Bad Hair Day
  4. Gailbreak
  5. Penny for your Laughs
  6. Mean isn’t Your Colour
  7. Russell up Some Fun


This delightful series will bring so many children’s animal dreams to life as they watch Blythe communicate with the animals. It is a great way to indulge them in a little fantasy and fuel their imagination through watching the series and playing with the toy.


Francesca with Toy


How to WIN your copy of Littlest Pet Shop: Little Pets, Big Adventures

The lovely folk at Hasbro are giving Coombe Mill readers a chance to win this lovely newly released DVD complete with free toy. For your chance to win just follow the instructions below.

Good luck to all taking part

Littlest Pet Shop: Little Pets, Big Adventures DVD


I was sent a copy of the DVD with free toy for the purpose of this review and to keep for our holiday guests to watch at Coombe Mill

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