School’s Out Never to Return

Posted on August 9th, 2015

We are 3 weeks into the school holidays and reality is dawning. The weeks leading to the end of term I was an emotional wreck as my triplets finished primary school. Having one leave primary and move up to secondary school is a big thing, having your last leave is the end of an era, having 3 at this stage is more than I could cope with, hence it has taken me so long to write this post.


School's out; Never to return


With 3 older children having already made the move to secondary I knew what was ahead of me, I knew my presence on school events, shopping trips or days out is limited, that I will be required to walk 10 paces behind through the streets from now on anywhere in Cornwall just because I carry the label of “parent” and this makes me the most embarrassing person around. No longer will I know their friends or their friend’s parents and no longer will they share all their secrets with me. From here on in I become the taxi service, pathetically grateful for the occasional in house “I love you Mum”.

With the above in mind I entered in to my final week of Primary school activities fighting tears at every turn. 1st we had sports day where I almost crippled myself proving to my kids I was still a cool Mum who could enter and win in the Mothers Day race.

Family Photo at Last Sports Day

Next came the school play and I really wasn’t prepared for this one. The teacher had asked me before half term if I thought the triplets were up to lead roles, “of course” I replied without giving it a second thought. The sneaky trio had perfected their Shakespearean lines at home with one another and I had no idea how much they had learned, when asked they just said “Chill Mum, we know our lines”. Proud doesn’t begin to say how I felt watching them on the production night, from minor dance roles in reception to lead roles in year 6 I was totally overwhelmed.



Hot on the heels of the school production came the leavers’ service and more tears from me as they stood up and recounted their memories through the years. Jed was first up and I snapped a quick photo on my phone, but became so engrossed in what was being said I forgot to take photos of the other two! Then the younger children read poems they had made up for them and announced what they thought the year 6 children would become as adults; Clio a dancer, Jed an actor and Guy a science teacher. They walked away with goody bags full of mementos of their years and a ‘class of 2015’ T shirt to be signed and worn on their last day.

Jed Reading at Leavers Assembly

And so to their last day; I always love to make something for the teachers, they put in so much over and beyond what the curriculum demands to make the village school so popular. I wanted something personal for them and contacted @LisaBaileybrown who made the lovely pebbles in our fairy garden for us. The children helped me come up with messages for their key teachers and we collected them on the eve of their last day. However with a small school every teacher and teaching assistant plays a role in the whole school education, the children had it in their minds to make their Yia Yia’s treat chocolate brownies. I rang is Yia Yia (Farmer Nick’s Mum) for the recipe and we set to work.  For the presentation we took inspiration from our Fudge Gifts at Christmas using wine glasses in place of cocktail dishes and added a skewer through the middle with 3 personal messages from the triplets.

It was a careful journey to school carrying all our goodies, as the children handed them out the messages made the teachers teary setting me off again.   


teacher gifts

By the end of school I had no time to dwell; the whole class were going on an epic sleepover at one of the other children’s farms and were full of excitement.

So here I am well into the holidays, determined to take full advantage of these last days out before I am reduced to the 10 paces behind treatment that will surely follow in year 7.

For all of you parents starting on your primary school journey next month, I envy you the years of happy moments, proud achievements and shared fun to come; embrace, capture and delight in them all, from one who has been there, it passes too fast and I dare say the next stage will too!