Outdoor Minibeast Tic Tac Toe Tutorial

Posted on August 16th, 2015

Trash 2 Treasure – August

For my lead “Trash 2 Treasure” August post I detailed how of Farmer Nick made some amazing Woodland Mushroom Stools.  He also used the base of the tree to make a table to place the mushrooms around.  These have become the central focus of the fairy gardens in the largest clearing.  It felt like an ideal opportunity to create a fairy themed tick tack toe board.  On the lower levels of the fairy garden we have our bug hotel, so to continue the bug theme we made our counters into ladybirds and bees using pebbles from the beach.


Minibeast Tic Tac Toe


It took the tractor and trailer together with the children to manoeuvre the huge slice of tree trunk into the fairy gardens and another into the end play area.


Moving the Tree Stumps


Once in place we made a wooden stencil template to create the criss cross boards then sprayed black wood paint on to the stencil. You could do it Free Hand but the stencil helped to keep the lines straight.


Painting the Tree Stumps

For the ladybirds and bees I painted beach pebbles with stone masonry white paint.  When this was dry I went over the white with red or yellow then painting the black detailing on top to form the bugs.  For the coloured paint I used outdoor gloss. I had painted extra pebbles up to add to the bug hotel.  For here I also used some long thin pebbles to make centipedes and some round ones for spiders.


Making Stone Insects

It took a couple of days for the gloss to dry before moving the pebbles to the tick tack toe table. I have reused the idea with the children staying for activity hour by handing out the pebbles with just white masonry paint on them allowing the children to make their own minibeasts with ordinary poster paint and adding googly eyes; great fun with no damage to clothes or skin.


Painting our bug rocks


In reality I’m not sure how much tic tack toe has been played, but the children holidaying here have loved seeing the lady birds and bees and making their own games up in the fairy garden.  Our large painted pebbles,  butterflies and other homemade trinkets have been endlessly moved collected and rearranged between the bug hotel mushroom stools and  tic tac toe table in many an hour of imaginative play .


fairy garden

If you fancy having a go at your own tick tack toe table and pebbles and don’t have access to a large tree trunk as we did you could always make a criss cross board out of twigs as Karen from Let Kids be Kids  shared on #Trash2Treasure in August.

A Vlog Tutorial : Minibeast Tic Tac Toe


For more creative ideas on upcycling from things you would throw away or nature please join in with my Trash2Treasure linky which opens on the first Monday of each month and stays open till the end of the month. We also have three roles of colourful duck tape to be won each month from our partners at Duck Tape Colours


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