Coombe Mill Makes It Into The Daily Mail

Posted on August 23rd, 2015

So many times I have tried to have a family photo of as all at Coombe Mill.  It shouldn’t be so hard we go out as a family enjoy a family meal times and are often all at home together, however teens are notorious for shying away from a camera in the world of social media, unless it is them taking the selfie!  An inappropriate gesture or a sour face has scuppered many an attempt of mine.  Yet thanks to a tip off from Tanya of Mummy Barrow I ended up with a phone call from an editor for the Daily Mail last week requesting a phone interview and arranging a photographer to be sent out all in one day.  Huzzah, an opportunity for my family photo!


Coombe Mill Makes the Daily Mail


Sadie Nicholas the Editor was lovely on the phone and made me feel very relaxed, I couldn’t believe I had chatted away to her for over an hour answering all manner of questions about family life and running Coombe Mill. She were especially interested in our family as we have so many children, apparently this is becoming a bit of a trend, I’ve never seen myself as a trend setter before but there’s a first time for everything!

Having put the phone down I then had the task of rounding up the family to have them suitably dressed ready for a photographer who was due at 5.00 PM.  It would be the day my second son had gone out for the day with his new girlfriend.  I managed to intervene their cinema trip with reluctant permission and bring them both back to Coombe Mill just in time, not as easy as it sounds here in Cornwall as it is an hour round trip but possibly the most unusual way to meet a new girlfriend!  I thrust a camera into her hands with the very basic instructions to grab a few photos on my DSLR, there was no time for anyone to quibble as the photographer scoured Coombe Mill for his chosen backdrops, I was glad of a lovely sunny afternoon to have the photos outside.  We did have one attempt all piled on a sofa in the living room but it really was too much of a squeeze!

Family Photos Around the Farm

I was really impressed with the whole process and I was even able to read the script the following day before it went live and make a couple of alterations, I’ve never had this opportunity with the press before and it was very refreshing.  The story really does reflect our family here at Coombe Mill and some other things we chatted through over the phone.  It is of course a press article and therefore designed with an angle to elect a response from readers which it has achieved with many a controversial comment added to the on line paper, but it is counterbalanced with some supportive comments too.


Mail Online Comments


Whatever your own views are, I am so very proud of my large family. The upbringing the children have enjoyed here on our holiday farm with the freedom and safety of our 30 acres and new play mates arriving every week, I can’t imagine a more idyllic childhood myself and I hope in years to come they will look back and agree. Now they are growing up they are an invaluable help to Nick and I in the running of the business and have a strong sense of family values. I wonder how long I will have to wait for a new family photo though.