Coombe Mill in 1926

Posted on September 12th, 2015


I had a strange encounter this week, the children were back at school, Farmer Nick was collecting hay and the guests were all enjoying the weather at the beach. I returned from a run to a deserted Coombe Mill apart from 3 strangers walking towards me. Assuming they were lost I asked if I could help. It turned out they were relatives all meeting up to retrace their family tree. They had a photo of in their hand with their Grandmother playing dated 1926 which they through might be around here. A quick glance left me in no doubt it was indeed our log store looking remarkably the same as it does today.


Retracing their famiiy tree to Grandmother at Coombe Mill Farm


They joined me for tea and cake regaling me of their journey to find out more about their family roots here in Cornwall; one had even come from Australia!  I couldn’t resist a then and now photo which I know is cheating a little for my weekly photo but it puts it in perspective; I have shown it here in black and white to magnify the similarity, but even from the colour one above the lane and log store are clear. 


Coombe Mill in 1926

Coombe Mill Farm, Cornwall in 1926



The most remarkable thing to me is how much the trees have changed the landscape over the years while the old granite structures are largely unchanged.  The cottage just visible is Water Mill which we know is part of the original Mill dating back to the 16th Century.

 Coombe Mill 2015

Coombe Mill today looking at the Log store and Water Mill Holiday Cottage