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Posted on September 14th, 2015

Win Dora and Friends

Every child loves an adventure, no wonder Dora the explorer is such a hit with little ones. The autumn evenings are drawing in, perfect for curling up after school and watching the new four-episode collection with the amazing Dora and her gang of comrades.

Enjoy a vibrant spin-off of animated mega-hit Dora The Explorer, following a little Latina heroine as she travelled the world with her trusty pals, educating an adoring public by teaching them new languages as she went. The franchise quickly became a global phenomenon.

Dora’s moved to a beautiful pan-Latino metropolis by the sea called Playa Verde, entered a diverse new school, and is busier than ever. She’s also found a new group of friends with a shared passion for learning and exploring who join her on new adventures in the city. Together, all for one!

Dora and Friends Screenshots

Dora and her new group of friends are ready to go on exciting adventures in a new city. But this is no ordinary town. Around every corner, there are portals to magical worlds filled with surprises, obstacles and villains waiting to test Dora and her friends with challenges. Luckily, Dora has new tools to aid her and her friends like the latest mobile phone featuring Map app and other clever gadgets.

Join Dora, Naiya, Emma, Kate, Alana, and Pablo for a series of four wonderful adventures in this brand new release. In DORA AND FRIENDS you are asked to help Dora and her friends travel to an ancient world to return a lost ring, discover a talking ship in a secret pirate cave, embark on a royal adventure to return a dress to a princess, and bring dance back to a town where it’s been outlawed! What an adventure this will be.  ¡Qué mágico!

Dora and Friends DVD

The DVD is out on sale from 14 September 2015 and runs for 88 minutes. It is certificate U so suitable for all young explorers to watch leaving you free to make dinner for your hungry explorers.

List of Episodes

  • We Save a Pirate Ship!
  • The Royal Ball
  • The Magic Ring
  • Dance Party

Win your Copy of Dora and Friends

For your chance to win a copy of this great new four episode DVD follow the instructions below. Good luck to all taking part.

Dora and Friends DVD Giveaway


We were given our copy of Dora and friends to keep here at Coombe Mill for our holiday guests and to watch for the purpose of creating this post.