How to make A toilet Roll Pig

Posted on September 20th, 2015

How to make a Toilet Roll Pig

Autumn is the time of year we eagerly await the arrival of our piglets. This year Sally delighted us with 14 healthy piglets. They are quite delightful and really become the focus of our morning tractor and trailer feed run with the holiday guests here on the farm.  To tie in with their popularity we have been majoring on Piglet crafts in our weekly activity hour. From Piglet face snouts and farm collecting pots to Pig writing and pencil control with our Twinkl education worksheets for early years we have whiled away an hour of crafts each week. However my most creative and popular has to be these adorable toilet roll pigs which are perfect from toddlers upwards with a little help on scissor and stapler tasks. They form part of a whole series of farm animal crafts so do come back again if you like this one.


Trash2Treasure September Toilet Roll Pig

What you’ll need

Toilet roll

Pink or pink and black wool

Old cereal box or light card

Stapler or paper glue

Felt tip pen

Googly eyes – optional


What you'll need Toilet Roll Pig


  1. Lightly squeeze the top end of your toilet roll enough to get a pair of scissors around it



  1. Cut diagonally from part way down the toilet roll towards the top but making sure not to cut off the triangle shape you are creating on both sides of the toilet roll.



  1. Tease out the triangle flaps to form piggy ears.



  1. Cut 8 nicks evenly into the other end of the toilet roll 



  1. Cut away or fold up every other cut to form the legs.
 Method 1-5 Toilet Roll Pigs
  1. Now take a piece of pink wool and, leaving an inch hanging off, wind it round the body from the bottom up and back down again to give a good covering.




  1. Leave another inch or so at the end and tie to the start piece to form the tail.




  1. Cut a large and small circle from a cereal box and place these over one and other stapling or gluing into place.




  1. Use felt tip or googly eyes to make your piglet eyes.
 Method 6-9 Toilet Roll Pigs

A few additions you could try

Fill a cereal box or egg box with grass cuttings or shredded paper to give your pig a home.   

Make a family of pigs with a Mummy Pig from a kitchen roll and piglets from toilet rolls.

Talk about food pigs eat and a little about breads and lifestyle.

Try our Pig learning to write and colouring sheet from our education pages.


Toilet Roll Pigs activity Hour



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