Win My Little Pony Spooktacular Pony Tales DVD

Posted on September 28th, 2015

Here on the farm with our own little cheeky Shetland ponies Skippy and Dinky we are big My Little Pony Fans. The wonderful Hasbro Studios has been releasing the popular Friendship is Magic series on DVD and we are proud to have reviewed these and have them available for our guests to borrow after a busy day on holiday with us. To add to our collection we now have the latest release: Spooktactular Pony Tales. This comes out on sale from 5th October in time for Halloween and Hasbro are offering Coombe Mill blog readers a chance to win a copy.


 Win My Little Pony Spooktacular Pony Tales 


About Spooktacular Pony Tales

Gather around the camp fire for six mysterious tales, as adventures unfold in this special new collection featuring series favourites Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. Equestria is aglow with all the fun that Nightmare Night brings, including pumpkins, costumes, candy and friends. With everything from a giant bear monster in the Everfree Forest to the mischievous Diamond Dogs up to no good, the herd has a lot to contend with. Even Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Spike come together for some ghostly escapades, but Princess Cadance gets into a spot of bother when Queen Chrysalis conjures up a devious plan.


 Spooktacular Ponies


Treat your little ones to this delightful Halloween series of six episodes and give them the magic of Halloween without scaring them. As with all My Little Pony DVD’s Spooktacular Tales is certificate U and fit for general viewing, reassuring for parents.

6 Exciting Episodes

  1. Boast busters

  2. Stare Master

  3. Luna Eclipsed

  4. Dog and Pony Show

  5. The Mysterious Mare Do Well

  6. Canterlot Wedding Part 2
Teddies watching MLP


Win your copy of My Little Pony Spooktacular Pony Tales

To be in with a chance of winning your copy of the latest in the Friendship is Magic series, please complete some or all of the steps below. Good luck to all taking part and remember you can also buy or download your own copy from October 5th.

My Little Pony Spooktacular Pony Tales


We were given our copy of the DVD for our holiday guests to enjoy. 


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