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Posted on October 4th, 2015

How to make a Halloween Ghost or Dementor

Autumn is truly with us now, the trees are turning a beautiful shade and catching a falling leaf here on the farm couldn’t be easier. With autumn my attention turns to the fun and games we have here in the half term week for Halloween.  With so many children to entertain all day I try to make our crafts as fun yet as thrifty as possible and something that all ages can enjoy as we have from toddlers up to secondary school age all keen to participate in the days events.  Every year we have our favourite crafts to which I add new games and activities so that those returning year after year have something familiar and something new to look forward to. Throughout the month I hope to share some of my Halloween crafts in tutorial format, they are all easy and made from throw away items, do join me and see how easy a Halloween makeover could be for your Garden this year. For my lead Trash 2 Treasure post this week I’m sharing some easy-peasy Ghosts and Dementors.   

Ghosts and Dementors Halloween Tutorial

What you’ll need

  • Black Bin bags, White Bin bags
  • Sticks a little longer than the bin bags
  • Felt Pen or Googly Eyes
  • A real of Duck Tape colours 
  • String or wool
  • Floristry ribbon or material Ribbon – optional

What You'll Need Ghosts & Dementors


Dementors Tutorial
  1. Scrunch up a small throwaway bag. We used the ones our laundry is returned in but a supermarket lightweight bag or another bin bag would be just as good.
  2. Place your scrunched up bag in the corner of a bin bag to form the head
  3. Secure the head with a piece of colourful duck tape to separate the head from the body, be careful not to wrap too tight as you need enough space to fit a stick through.
  4. Push a stick up through the cloak into the head to give structure and a way to stand in the ground when finished
  5. Use felt tip or googly eyes to make your ghostly eyes
  6. Add a felt tip mouth or milk bottle cap.
  7. Add string round the neck to hang from the trees or push the stick into the ground and admire your finished ghost or dementor. 
Ghosts step by step Tutorial




A few additions you could try

  1. Place glow sticks inside them and crack them when it’s dark to make them light up

  2. Make them from different sized bags to create a ghostly family

  3. Use different coloured ribbons with big floaty bows and smiley faces to make them less scary for little ones

  4. Place them in a circle guarding a ‘potion’ for witches and wizards


Making Ghosts at Halloween


Make up a game

Last year we made up a game whilst waiting for darkness to fall and the ghost train to run. We stuck lots of our ghosts and dementors in the cottage lawn as an obstacle course between two ropes and asked the children to line up at one end. They then had to try to cross the ghostly field without being caught by my triplets or knocking the obstacles down when I shouted “Go”. This was great fun and, along with apple bobbing and pin the arm on the skeleton, the hour of dusk soon passed.

Ghost & Dementor Game


Joining in with Trash 2 Treasure

If you have post about something you have made with something from nature or something you would have otherwise have thrown away please come and share on Trash 2 Treasure. The linky will run on the 1st Monday of every month and stay open for the full month. Post can take any form, all that matters is that the item made has primarily been upcycled from something of little value or found in nature. Leaves and loo rolls, sticks and staples, there are so many throw away items which, with a little imagination can be turned into something of value. Most of my something from nothing craft tutorials will come from fun keepsakes we have made with the children in our farm activity hour but sometimes I will share bigger upcycling projects from Farmer Nick too. I hope through the linky to acquire some new ideas and I welcome all posts old and new. 


A little extra from the awesome folk at Duck Tape Colours


Trash 2 Treasure sponsored by Duck Tape UK with Coombe Mill Holidays for creative fun.


Trash to Treasure is sponsored by Duck Tape Colours, makers of colourful tape to add pattern and sparkle to all your upcycling projects. Our favourite upcycling post each month will receive 3 colourful rolls of tape to inspire your next project. Do check out their website for plenty of creative ideas.

Thank you for all the wonderful posts again last month and congratulations to Kippers and Curtains who have won the Duck Tape Colours with this delightful Fairy garden door from lolly sticks.  

Fairy door from lolly sticks by Kippers & curtains

I also really enjoyed

Spooky pencil toppers from Crafty Journal

Bark plant pots from Craft Invaders

Salt & Pepper shakers by Champagne DIY


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