How to Make a Witch or Wizard Costume

Posted on October 18th, 2015

With Halloween fast approaching I have been working on a cheap and easy Halloween costume for boys and girls. Every year on the farm Halloween turns into a full day of spooky fun from a Halloween dressed tractor and trailer feed fun to a ghost train and trick or treating at the end of the day. Many of our regular guests know the format and come prepared with their costumes, however I never want anyone to feel left out or forced to pay for expensive shop bought outfits, so our first craft session this year will be outfit making. Those without out outfits will then feel part of the fun and those who have costumes already can help us decorate scarecrows with their DIY costumes.


Witches and Wizards Halloween Costume

What you’ll need

  • 2 black bin bags
  • Red or purple floristry ribbon
  • Staples
  • Scissors
  • 2 cereal boxes
  • Paint
  • A stick 

What You'll Need Halloween Costumes



To make the cape

  1. Cut off the closed end of a bin bag.

  2. Open up the bin bag so that it forms a tube.

  3. Lay it flat on a table and cut along an edge to make it a single layered rectangle.

  4. Lay a strip of floristry ribbon the length of the rectangle approximately 10cm from the top.

  5. Gather the bin bag beneath the floristry ribbon and staple the gathered rectangle to the straight ribbon leaving equal lengths of ribbon free at both sides to form cape ties. The gathered cape should measure approximately 30 – 40 cm depending on the size of your child.

  6. Wrap your finished cape around your child’s shoulders and fix by tying in a bow or adding a staple.

How to Make Cape

To Make the Hat

  1. Open up a large cereal packet and lay it flat.


  1. Hold the cereal box on diagonal corners and twist into a cone shape.


  1. Staple the cone top and bottom to hold.


  1. Cut around the base of the hat to make it a flat edge


  1. Cut up from the base approx 6 cm deep and fold out to form a brim.


  1. Place the point of your hat in the corner of a bin bag and wrap it around the outside.


  1. Stuff the remainder of your bin bag inside shaping it around the brim.


  1. Add a stripe of floristry ribbon to match your cape above the brim.
How To Make Witch's Hat

To make the fork.

How to Make Forks
  1. Print out the Fork printable here or draw your own fork shape onto a cereal box.


  1. Cut out your fork design.


  1. Paint both sides of your fork in a colour of your choice.


  1. Make 2 holes in your fork.


  1. Find a long stick and poke your fork through the end of the stick.

A few additions you could try

  1. You could staple some stars cut from floristry ribbon to your cloak or hat.
  2. Instead of a fork you could paint the end of a stick white or wrap white string around the end to make a wand or tie small twigs to the end of your long stick to make a witches broom.
  3. You could make a stick scarecrow with 2 sticks and have the scarecrow stand in the garden wearing your spooky outfit.


Having fun with our costumes on farm for Activity Hour


Capes, Hats and Forks at Activity Hour



A step by step vlog to making Halloween costumes 


For some spooky ghosts or dementors made equally easily and cheaply to decorate your house or garden please see my October #Trash2Treasure post and do add any upcycling tutorials of your own there too.

Finally until 29th October you can still enter to win a family Christmas to remember  here at the farm including a Christmas crafty session for the children. 

Safety Notice

Further to the warnings on the news recently about flammable Halloween costumes, please be aware that bin bags melt when burnt. Keep away from fire and in the unlikely event a fire situation does occur rip off, the staple will just give, then drop and roll. On a more cheery note, rain is more likely than fire for Halloween and a bin bag will be more shower proof than a bought nylon costume!   




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