Win A Littlest Pet Shop DVD & Collectable Toy

Posted on October 19th, 2015

Discover the fantastical world of Blythe Baxter and her talented animals at the favourite pet shop around.


Win A Littlest Pet Shop DVD & Collectable Toy

Lights, Camera, Mongoose

In this new series follow Blythe Baxter as she goes about her daily chores looking after her animal friends in the pet shop unaware that change is afoot. Excitement suddenly sweeps over the community as they hear that a famous face is coming to town! Mega-star mongoose Shahrukh is in New York shooting his latest film and Blythe and the pets get the chance to visit him on set. The gang have stars in their eyes until Blythe’s very own pet mongoose, Sunil, is mistaken for his celebrity peer and things take a wild turn.


Our favourite little blue mongoose may have magical talents, but he cannot use his wizardry to get out of this sticky situation. Whilst Sunil is living the high life after this impromptu switcheroo, back at the shop the pets soon discover that their new celebrity guest might not be everything they had thought…


Is the life of a film star really all it’s cracked up to be? Find out with ‘Littlest Pet Shop- Lights, Camera, Mongoose!’ available on DVD and Digital Download now.


Littlest Pet Shop DVD & Toy


Here at Coombe Mill we know only too well the connection between children and animals, the love kids show when stroking and feeding the farm animals is wonderful to watch even from a very early age. Hasbro, the makers of Littlest Pet Shop understand this connection and transport their audience on Blythe’s adventures in the most endearing way. This is a perfect DVD to play at the end of a busy day, allowing little ones to be transported into this fairy tale adventure.  


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Pack Details

There are 6 episodes on the DVD with a total run time of just over 2 hours. It is certificate U and fit for general viewing, ideal for popping into the kitchen to make tea while the DVD transports your child into the pet shop world. The DVD also comes with a collectable toy pet, perfect for imaginary play, however there are small parts with the toy making it unsuitable for toddlers.  

  • Blyth’s Crush
  • Dumb Dumbwaiter
  • Eve of Destruction
  • Books and Covers
  • So You Skink You Can Dance
  • Lights, Camera, Mongoose!
Littlest Pet Shop Collectable Toy


Win your copy of Lights, Camera, Mongoose with Free Toy

The lovely folk at Hasbro Studios are offering a chance for you to win this brand new DVD with Free collectable toy; to enter just follow the instructions below. Good luck to all taking part.

Littlest Pet Shop: Lights, Camera, Mongoose! DVD & Collectable Toy


We were given our copy of the DVD to create this review post. It is now in our Coombe Mill borrow room for all our young holiday guests to borrow.