Weekly Farm Photo

Posted on October 24th, 2015

My weekly photo on the farm this week takes a look at the same place at two times of day. We have had some beautiful chilly mornings last week with mist rising off the river and ground clearing to blue skies. As we are right down on the river in a lush wooded valley the sun is late arriving at Coombe Mill in the mornings. Currently it emerges over the valley at around 9am. I nipped out to take this first photo of our cottage lawns just after the school run marvelling at the sun’s rays caught in the rising mist. Within half an hour the mist had lifted and the warmth of the day it would be come filtered through.


 Front lawns with BBQ, play boat and train in morning mist at Coombe Mill Holidays


The downside of valley life is that not only do we have to wait for the sun in the morning but conversely we lose it early in the afternoon too. The sun sinks over the valley top trees just before 4pm. The photo below was taken at this time standing in the same spot as for my morning picture. It still looks like mid afternoon but this was in fact just before we lost the sun.


 Front cottage lawn with BBQ, play boat, and train before sunset at Coombe Mill Farm Holidays, Cornwall


Cornwall does have some beautiful sunset and sunrises, however it is a hike up the hill to admire them from Coombe Mill. On the plus side we are very sheltered and the prevailing south westerly winds sail straight over us barely stirring a branch. I always warn my guests they will need an extra layer to venture up the hill into our nearest moorland village of St Breward