How to Make a Fairy or Elf Christmas Post Box

Posted on November 22nd, 2015


Imagination and Christmas go together, with elves, Father Christmas, reindeer and fairies all featuring dancing in our children’s mind creating a festive build up of excitement alongside the traditional Christmas story.  Have you ever stopped to think who writes a Christmas list for the fairies? Here at Coombe Mill we have a Christmas Post box in our reception for any worried little ones concerned that Santa may not know where they are staying, however our Fairy Garden is full of fairies also wanting to post their messages.  Now they can with our easy to make toilet roll post boxes at perfect fairy size! A fun craft for fairies living inside or outside your home.

Fairy & Elf Post Box

What you will need

  • A toilet roll
  • Red, black and White Paint
  • Black ink pen
  • Scissors
  • Cereal box or other card
  • Stapler
  • PVA Glue

What You'll Need Postboxes


  1. Cut into the top of the toilet roll about 1 cm deep

  2. Fold out each tab at the top of the toilet roll

  3. Draw a circle on a piece of cardboard the size of the splayed top and cut it out.

  4. Staple the circle of cardboard to the splayed top.

  5. Draw a long thin rectangle about 1 cm from the top to make a letter box.

  6. Cut the rectangle out, trying to keep it as neat as possible.

  7. Paint your toilet roll red all over, making sure you paint the underside of the top where it folds out and leave to dry.

  8. Paint a black line around the base of the toilet roll.

  9. Paint a white square under the rectangular cut out and leave to dry.

  10. Write your special Christmas message in the white box.

  11. Paint over the entire post box with P.V.A glue, being careful over the writing so that it doesn’t run. this will help make it water resistant for outdoors. 


Post Box Step by Step

  1. Cut out rectangles of cardboard making sure they’re the right size to fit through the post box hole.

  2. Write your special Christmas messages. 

  3. Post it through the letter box for the fairies and elves to read. 


Fairy Post Step by Step


A few additions you could try

  1. Pop cotton wool on top to look like snow 

  2. Add some festive paint or sticker decorations

  3. Make some Pipe cleaner Fairy Folk to go with your post box.

  4. Put it next to a dolls house, fairies like to gather in here!

  5. Pop a battery tea light inside and use as a Christmas ornament

  6. Hide a few in the garden or house and make a Christmas Trail


On my first day of Christmas shopping in Plymouth and I spotted this one in the shopping centre, complete with snow effect and extra decoration ideas. 


Christmas Post Box in the snow


How to make a Christmas Post Box Vlog Tutorial





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