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Posted on November 27th, 2015

Tin can games

 We had a wonderful crowd of guests to finish the season and I knew I had to come up with something imaginative and fun for activity hour that would suit age 1 to 13.  The children had been making their own entertainment during the week with plenty of games running into the night after the evening train ride so I took my cue from them.


Tin Can Games


I had been washing and saving tin cans for some time knowing that I would put them to good use in time. Inspiration struck and if I used them for the bases of some fun and games.  We began by involving the littlest on a Toddle Bike race.  This was more of a challenge then you might imagine as the tots really had no idea about the concept of racing from one set of cans to the next.  Yet with a little encouragement they all made it over the finish line.  The bigger children were desperate to join in and gave these sturdy little bikes a run for their money.


Toddle Bike Race

Over on the grass we set up tin can alley, thankfully the wind was minimal and the tins stayed in place for everyone to take a turn at knocking them down with a windfall apple. We used extra tin cans to create starter markers from where the children could throw their apple depending on age.


Tin Can Alley


Next up was the high jump using a long cane from Farmer nick’s shed.  Everyone joined in as the cane was laid on the ground, then can by can we raised the cane laughing at the effort and imaginative techniques at leaping over the ever ascending barrier.


High Jump


If height was an advantage on the high jump it was probably a disadvantage for limbo dancing.  Gradually we lowered the bar as the children chanced their luck at limboing underneath.  The rules were modified as the game continued so that hands touching the floor became the only restraint as the children slithered their way under the bar.


Limbo Dance


After all the acrobatics we moved on to some relay races.  The children lined up in height order and declared they wanted to have a girl’s verses boy’s race.  Each were given a tin can and on the word go the first in line ran to the finishing line put down their can then raced back to release the next team member who then ran to the finishing line adding their can to the previous can.  The winning team was the first back to base with all their cans stacked in a tower at the finishing line with their team members back over the starting line.  After two turns the boys resorted to cheating unable to beat the girls so we mix the teams up for a few more tries.


Relay Races


We played a further round of variations on the relay game until they were all puffed out.  Our hour was nearly up that everyone and was still in high spirits so we handed out on the new welly walk challenge with the laminated sheets and felt tip pens. From pooh sticks to rope swing they worked their way through the sheet as activity hour turned into 2 hours and Guy had to rush back for the train.


Welly Walk to Finish It Off


I miss the buzz of excited children now that we are closed. Roll on Christmas and more fun on the farm.




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