Acting the goat

Posted on November 28th, 2015

Weekly Farm Photos

I’ve been revealing spring planning here on the farm this season. So far I’ve shared Rambo the Ram who has been receiving a new lady friend each week in hope of spring lambs, the deer that are in ‘The Rut’ and hopefully will produce fawns in June and this week I’m sharing our cute pygmy goats. The nanny goats are very friendly with the children who visit the farm as well as being playful, full of character and forming strong friendship bonds with one another. I often spot the same ones close together and do wonder if the term ‘acting the goat’ comes from their fun personalities? 


 Playful goats who form strong friendships at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays, Cornwall


For most of the year Billy goat gruff remains separate from the ladies. He looked longingly into their field on passing after his horn operation and shortly after was rewarded with a lady friend in his pen.  Now that we are closed for November and Billy poses no threat to the guests he has been  allowed into the girls field where there is more grazing for winter and he can freely spread the love. He has really made himself at home and enjoying this time surrounded by females. Gestation periods are similar to sheep so kid goats should be arriving here on the farm from early March onwards.


 Billy goat happy with the nanny goats for winter on the farm at coombe Mill Holidays, Cornwall


Only Rocky is slightly put out, he is our hand reared kid from the spring who Farmer Nick failed with the castration band and left him growing as half a Billy with one Testicle! Poor Rocky is not at all amused by the arrival of his manly farther into the field and happily trots over to me each day for a cuddle instead.  


 Rocky the hand raised pygmy goat at Coombe Mill Holiday Farm in Cornwall trotting over for a cuddle


If you fancy a family farm holiday with playful pygmy goats to feed all year do check out our availability for 2016. If you arrive in spring you may even see a newborn kid while you are here.