Farm Snowdrops 

Posted on December 12th, 2015

Weekly photos from the farm

We may be renowned as a nation for talking about the weather, but is it any surprise? The North of the country has been hit by some terrible flooding thanks to Storm Desmond while here in Cornwall we are up in double digit temperatures day and night, it feels like we have bypassed winter and are heading straight into spring. For me the first signs of spring are snowdrops, I think of these as a welcome break to the dreary winter weather, a sigh that warmer weather and longer days will soon be heading our way. However here I am in mid December with not just one or two snowdrops showing themselves but huge clumps lining the boarders of Coombe Mill. The farm is blooming and I’m only just ready for Christmas!  Every year I take my camera out, crouch down in the roadside leaves and muddy paths to try and capture these delicate flowers.  They are like a shy child always blowing in the wind and shifting just as I think I have them in focus, I’m still in search of that perfect capture but for now I’ll share these from my farm search.


1. Single snowdrop against Water Mill Holiday Cottage 

Single Snowdrop at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays, Cornwall


2. On the garden banks looking up at a clear blue sky


Farm Snowdrop against a rich blue sky at Coombe Mill Holidays, Cornwall  


 3. In front of Millers House lapping up the winter sunshine


Snowdrops in front of Millers House, at Coombe Mill Holidays, Cornwall


4. being blown by the wind along the side of the lane on the farm path by Coombe lane. 


Snowdrops in the wind on Coombe Mill lane, Cornwall


5. A shady spot North facing on the farm


Snowdrops in the shade on the farm at Coombe Mill Holidays, Cornwall



Snowdrops of Coombe Mill

Snowdrops at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


If this has given you a taste of spring, do take a look at our spring offers, we have some bargains to start 2016 and the snowdrops will be with us till well into March.




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