Toilet Roll Christmas Tree Tutorial

Posted on December 13th, 2015

I find the uses for toilet rolls never ending which is just as well as we generate so many between the holiday cottages and lodges and our own home with 8 of us living here. Throwing them away feels a crime. In the past I have turned them into cute farm pigs and have several more farm ideas up my sleeve for spring next year. For the Christmas countdown I shared my toilet roll inspired elf post box a few weeks ago and today I am making them into mini Christmas Trees to decorate a big tree, festive window or mantle piece. 


 Christmas Tree Toilet Roll Tutorial

What you’ll need

Toilet Roll



Green paint, Gold or yellow paint


PVA Glue

Wool (optional)

Materials to make a toilet roll Christmas Tree, A Coombe Mill Holidays Farm Craft



  1. Cut into the toilet roll at an angle withdrawing scissors before the centre
  2. Cut again in a straight line to meet the withdrawal point from the last cut and remove the triangle created
  3. Repeat up the toilet roll finishing on an angled cut
  4. Turn around and mirror the cuts on the other side finishing with an angles cut to form a point.
  5. Take 3 of the Triangle fallen pieces and overlap them to form a star and staple together.
  6. Staple the star to the point of the tree
  7. Paint the Tree Green and the star yellow or gold, leave to dry
  8. Coat with PVA Glue to give it a glossy finish
  9. whilst the PVA Glue’s drying sprinkle with glitter to add some Christmas Sparkle

Step by Step Toilet Roll Trees


A few additions you could try

Make a few and string them up as bunting

Use Christmas stickers from a sticker book to decorate

Add tiny pieces of cotton wool to the wet PVA glue to look like snow or stand the tree on a cotton wool base in a coffee jar lid.

Paint them different colours and thread wool through the top then hang them on the Christmas tree

Wind wool round before adding PVA glue to look like tinsel 

Toilet Roll Christmas Tree Decorations, a farm craft at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays, Cornwall


These will form one of our Christmas crafts this year with the children staying on the farm. They are simple enough for toddlers to enjoy with a little scissor help and yet intricate enough to engage older children too. In all our properties we provide quality Christmas Trees and all the decorations to go with it for our guests, however there is nothing quite like personalising it with the children’s own handiwork.  


Vlog tutorial on making a toilet roll Christmas Tree


for more thrifty Christmas Crafts check out my monthly upcycling linky #Trash2Treasure. It opens on the first Monday of each month, is sponsored by the lovely folk at Duck Tape Colours with a prize each month so please do come and join me there with any upcycled projects you have from big DIY projects to children’s crafts. The December link up is here.


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