Trash 2 Treasure January 2016

Posted on January 3rd, 2016


Happy New Year and welcome to #Trash2Treasure. Thank you to all who joined me last year, the linky has now been running for 6 months and I’m thrilled with all the fun upcycling ideas that have come through proving that a creative mind can turn a throwaway item into something special. I’m kicking off the first link up with a real something from nothing idea.  

How to make Eco Logs

Recycled Paper Eco Logs Tutorial

Here on the farm we love to enjoy a camp fire, light a BBQ or cosy up by the wood burning stove. We do pretty well for our own supplies of wood thanks to the autumn storms each year bringing a few big windfall branches down but I thought it might be fun to try and make some eco logs to burn from some of the Christmas leftover wrapping paper and other bits paper and card in our recycling bin. They turned out really well and captured my kids imaginations too so I’m sharing them here.

What You’ll Need

Old scrap paper – cheap low grade paper is best like Christmas wrapping paper, newspaper, cereal boxes, avoid anything with a wax or foil coating.

Mop and bucket set

A few kettle loads of hot water


Eco Logs for a BBQ, camp fire or wood burner. A Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays craft tutorial



  1. Tear the paper into small pieces.

  2. Place the paper pieces in the bucket until it is full.

  3. Carefully pour the boiling water over the torn up paper.

  4. Stir with the mop handle (remove the mop head first).

  5. Repeat steps 2 – 4 until the bucket is full or your paper used up.

  6. Leave the paper to absorb the water for about 24 hours adding more hot water if needed during this time and stirring as often as you can. We found stirring by hand became easier than using the mop once the mix had cooled down and the paper fibres began to break up.

  7. Take a handful of the paper sludge and squeeze it into the mop squeeze section to remove the worst of the water without it squirting out everywhere.

  8. Once you’ve removed a lot of the water in the mop squeezer, pull the mixture out and give it a few more squeezes with your hands to remove as much water as you can, shaping it as you go.

  9. Put them somewhere warm, dry and out of the way and leave them to dry out completely, we placed ours on top of the boiler for approximately 24-48 hours, they’ll be virtually weightless when they’re ready.

Step by Step Eco Logs


A few ideas to try with your log

We used firelighter in a garden BBQ with our logs loaded in a pyramid on top to toast marshmallows. As we had made our logs small they dried easily and caught without the need for kindling. If you fancy upcyling the whole process Craft Invaders have a lovely tutorial for making your own firelighters too. Ours worked so well Guy and Jed repeated it with the guests in our Christmas activity hour


Eco Logs burning

With the holiday business we generate more recycling than most and have a huge trailer in the car park for all the left over wrapping paper at Christmas. Farmer Nick turns this into large brick like logs with a special moulding and squeezing device and the cement mixer in place of my mop and bucket.

Nicks Eco Bricks

A Video Tutorial to make Eco Logs

Joining in with Trash2Treasure

If you have post about something you have made with something from nature or something you would have otherwise have thrown away please come and share on Trash 2 Treasure. The linky will run on the 1st Monday of every month and stay open for the full month. Posts can take any form, all that matters is that the item made has primarily been upcycled from something of little value or found in nature. Leaves and loo rolls, sticks and staples, there are so many throw away items which, with a little imagination, can be turned into something of value. Most of my something from nothing craft tutorials will come from fun keepsakes we have made with the children in our farm activity hour but sometimes I will share bigger upcycling projects from Farmer Nick too. I hope through the linky to acquire some new ideas and I welcome all posts old and new. 


A little extra from the awesome folk at Duck Tape Colours


Trash 2 Treasure sponsored by Duck Tape UK with Coombe Mill Holidays for creative fun.


Trash to Treasure is sponsored by Duck Tape Colours, makers of colourful tape to add pattern and sparkle to all your upcycling projects. Our favourite upcycling post each month will receive 3 colourful rolls of tape to inspire your next project. Do check out their website for plenty of creative ideas.


Thank you for all the wonderful posts again last month and congratulations to Maestro Mummy who has won the Duck Tape Colours with this fab toilet roll reindeer tutorial Toilet Roll Reindeer



I also really enjoyed the marbled tealight holder tutorial by Let Kids Be Kids and this recipe for Boxing Day Parcels from Nature Mum Blog



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