Win a Quality Pony Grooming Kit

Posted on January 11th, 2016

Anyone who has ponies, donkeys or children who ride and help out at stables will love the new Bentley Slip-Not grooming range. When I read the specification I couldn’t wait to try it out here at Coombe Mill on our motley crew of eligible candidates by way of ponies and donkeys.

Win a Quality Pony Grooming Kit

Introducing the Bentley Slip-Not Collection

The exciting new range has been developed using Microban Silver Shield technology, which is built into the bristles and kills up to 99.99% of bacteria. The result is a collection of equine brush ware and accessories that are designed to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, such as E.coli, S.aureus, P.aeruginosa and Strep-Equi, while being safe and effective for both horse and rider. The 10 piece collections come in a choice of burgundy or blue and have been designed to deliver an impressive, professional appearance while reducing stains, odours and product deterioration. It also boasts a soft grip for comfortable and effective grooming.

What's in the bag

The Clever Tech Part

Microban Silver Shield will not wash off¬ or wear away and continuously helps to inhibit the growth of bacteria and reduce the risk of cross-contamination. Microban protection begins to work as soon as bacteria comes into contact with the bristle surface. The antibacterial technology prevents the bacteria from reproducing, so the lifecycle cannot proceed and therefore dies.

Deluxe carry bag

The new Slip-Not collection comes complete with its own colourful deluxe kit bag. Spacious and strong, this durable bag comes with a number of pockets to help make transporting all of those grooming essentials easier. We managed to pack way more than the official kit in there too, it really is a substantial bag which is easy to carry and hang over a fence post while you groom. 

Dandy brush 

This stiff bristled brush is a high quality tool that effectively removes dirt and hair to keep horses looking fine and dandy, while offering a soft grip handle to make grooming comfortable for riders. 

Flick brush 

This highly effective flick brush features longer bristles to easily flick away small dirt and dust particles for quick grooming.

Mane and tail brush 

The hardy design of this mane and tail brush makes light work of de-tangling, making it a long lasting tool and a must-have in horse hair care.

Face brush 

This small, lightweight brush features shorter bristles which gently massage the horse’s face to deliver a sleek and professional finish. 

Sweat scraper 

Keep horses well-groomed by removing excess sweat and water with this easy grip and comfortably designed sweat scraper. 

Bucket brush 

An essential piece of kit, the Slip-Not bucket brush is a handy and versatile tool that is perfect for cleaning muddy boots or horses’ hooves. 

Body brush 

Eradicating fine particles and dust, the soft bristles of this body brush add shine while the handle easily moulds to the hand and features a durable strap that makes for comfortable grooming. 

Hoof pick 

Removing dry, hardened dirt from horse hooves will be made simpler with this hoof pick, while the anti-bacterial technology keeps bacteria at bay. The tough design of this product makes it incredibly hard wearing while the soft grip handle makes it kind on hands. 

Curry comb 

Designed to mould to the hand, the Slip-Not curry comb is easy to use and easy to clean, making it a useful addition to equestrian kits.




Using Bentley Slip Not

Amazing Value

The Microban Slip-Not collection is priced at £49.99. I couldn’t believe the price, for the quality of the kit not to mention its antibacterial properties this really is amazing value. Despite the wet weather since receiving our kit, we managed to find a dryish day for moving our donkeys and I was keen to put the range to the test. I had a couple of my boys around to help me and together we spend an hour making the donkeys look much more respectable and they in turn lapped up the attention.
Next up is our ponies, their manes could definitely do with some time spent with the curry comb and mane and tail brush. If you are staying with us at all this year and fancy grooming the donkeys or ponies, please just ask and we will lend you our Slip Knot Bentley set. I can see it being a popular pursuit in our summer time Activity hour sessions replacing our current tired looking grooming collection.

Pony Grooming

Win your Slip Not Bentley Anti Bacterial Grooming kit

If you fancy winning this quality all purpose kit just follow the instructions below. It would make a wonderful gift to any horse lover and if you are not lucky enough to win you can always purchase your own set online at

Bentley Slip-Not Collection


I was sent my grooming kit for the purpose of this review; I am genuinely delighted with it and very happy to be recommending it here on the Coombe Mill blog.