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Posted on January 18th, 2016


Babies and children are individuals with their own strength of will and little characters that begin to develop so early in life. With 6 children myself including triplets I never cease to be amazed at how different they all are. When it comes to sleep some are early to bed and early to rise by nature like their Dad and others take after me as night owls who struggle to sleep and struggle to rise. However from 6 months they all slept through the night. With my first I used a form of controlled crying ahead of returning to a demanding job, it worked within a week and I wondered why I hadn’t tried it earlier, when my second and third came I was quite prepared to do the same again but never needed to as they slept through with ease. Having triplets was a whole different matter where finding a one size fits all feeding routine was the key and I confess too many sleepless nights getting there.

 Sleeping kids

I don’t know about you but if I have a bad night that makes me grouchy the following day with those nearest and dearest to me. I snap when I shouldn’t, shout when it isn’t really necessary, blow things out of proportion and my sense of humour fails me.  Put several poor nights together and the situation intensifies, if you have a poor sleeper for a child I’m sure you relate to these emotions.


Tired Mum

If you feel it is time to tackle the problem but don’t know which is the right option for you then help is at hand.

Millpond Children’s Clinic

Millpond was founded by health professionals Mandy Gurney and Tracey Marshall who have been offering sleep training since 2007 and even been consultants to the NHS Trusts. The clinic has a 97% success rate in resolving children’s sleep problems with good results in 2 – 3 weeks which sounds pretty good to me.

Teach your child to Sleep for under £10!

Teach your child to sleep

Octopus Publishing Group is delighted to announce the publication this month of the latest edition of Teach Your Child to Sleep by the Millpond Sleep Clinic. All the techniques recommended in this book have been tried and tested at Millpond. The book aims to prove that seemingly complex sleep problems can actually have simple solutions and guides readers across all elements of sleep, from how to encourage good sleeping habits to identifying and tackling sleep problems. After the nature of the problem has been isolated, there is a small but well-defined selection of techniques with which to confront it.


What's in the book

I particularly liked the clarity with which the book is set out and the flow diagrams used to navigate the reader though the different possible causes of sleeplessness. The book has an air of authority and a scientific feel about it and yet is easy to understand and navigate with clear headings.   I wish it had been around 17 years ago when I was struggling with my first child.

Win your copy of Teach your child to Sleep

Win a Copy of Teach your Child to sleep

If you would like a copy of this great guide for a child of yours or a friend or family member you know is struggling then Octopus Publishing are offering a copy of the book to 3 lucky Coombe Mill Blog readers. To be in with a chance of winning a copy simply follow the instructions below.


Win 1 of 3 Teach your Child to Sleep books from Millpond Children’s Sleep Clinic



I was given my copy of Teach your Child to Sleep for the purpose of this review all views and opinions are my own.

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