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Posted on January 31st, 2016

How to Make Scented Shaped Multicoloured Crayons

At the end of the Christmas holidays I had a big sort out in our craft cupboard, I was hanging onto far too many bits and bobs on a ‘just incase I find a use for them’ and was trying to be ruthless to make a path into my overflowing cupboards. the trouble is I hate to throw anything away if I can think of an upcycling idea. I had sorted all the crayons out and had a bag of scrap stub ends, but instead of throwing them out an idea began to form. As I child I remember to this day finding myself in all manner of trouble when I began experimenting melting my crayons on my parents radiators. It made a lovely pattern much to my parents horror. Images flooded back to me and I thought I build on the idea in a more constructive way. If I could find a way to melt the crayons into new, more fun shaped crayons, and even add a fragrance to them it would make a great experiment and a wonderful sensory experience for little ones. It took me a few goes where the kitchen looked like something out of a chemistry lesson before I found something that worked, but the end result is worth sharing. 


Scented and Shaped Multicoloured Crayons

What you’ll Need


  • Old broken crayons, paper coating removed

  • Silicon cake pop tray

  • Spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger or curry spices

  • Jug suitable for heating in the oven

What You'll Need Scented Crayons




  1. Place the crayon stubs into the silicone molds, you can use one or more colours per mold 

  2. Add quarter of a teaspoon of your chosen spice per mold, you may find it easier to only put the spice into the single colour molds.

  3. Place the mold on a baking tray & bake for 2 minutes in a moderate oven, about 150 degrees.

  4. Remove from oven, turn the tray and stir the spice into the melting crayon, this is why it is best not to add spice to the multicoloured crayons or the colours will mix too. Return to the oven for a further 2 minutes.

  5. Check and remove when melted, do not leave them too long or the crayons will bubble and spoil. Leave to cool for a good half an hour.

  6. Place a selection of the same colour of crayon in a jug

  7. Place the jug in the oven, checking and stirring every couple of minutes. Remove when melted

  8. Pour over the base layer of crayons in the molds

  9. Leave to set for a further half an hour. Chilling in the fridge is a good idea once they have begun to set.

  10. Turn out your multicoloured shaped sensory crayons.

  11. Have fun smelling and colouring with your rainbow coloured finished crayons. 
How to make Sensory Crayons


A Few Additions you could Try

  • Place them in a jar with a pretty label as a gift.

  • Why not try one a large crayon instead of little ones 

  • See if you can find other substances to hold the fragrance, we tried garden herbs crushed and fine oils but the oils sometimes separated from the crayons and the garden herbs were too subtle.

  • You could use a heart shaped cookie cutter to create a large heart shaped Valentines cookie.


Finished Crayons


A Vlog tutorial to make scented shaped multicoloured crayons


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