From the Farm

Posted on February 6th, 2016


It has been a busy week for us here on the farm, we have been undertaking many of the rather dull spring cleaning and DIY duties of a holiday business. It is the less than glamourous side of life that goes unnoticed here by our guests, until is isn’t done!

The kids have been busy at school this week, our eldest took his Mock A levels while a scattergun of results from A* through to E came home for Felix on his GCSE mock’s and we have whittled down year 9 options for Theo. Guy and Jed have taken up Rugby in the local town which they love and seem quite good at, now I just need to work out how I juggle the business and yet another activity for the kids at the start of the season here. Yet I only need to look up, or out from what I am doing and all around me the peace of the farm fills my heart with joy.


 A first Rugby session at Wadebridge Camels Rugby Club and the boys are hooked, my washing machine is already complaining!  

Rugby with Wadebridge Camels for Coombe Mill Kids


Looking out from the side of Willow as Nick finishes a week long task of pointing the wall.



Morning sun rising over the river. 


Morning #Sun streaming down on the #river

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The lake as the ducks swim by in the hope I have some bread for them.