Hope for tired winter skin

Posted on February 15th, 2016

Winter can be tough on our skin, the cold, the rain and in and being in and out of different temperatures all takes their toll; for Mums add to this endless hand washes with cooking, washing up and nappy changing. With children I’m the first to shout about the benefits of outdoor play with my Country Kids linky but it can leave young eczema prone skin dry and chapped. Certainly here on the farm as a family we are forever on and out in the cold weather tending the animals and washing hands and chapped skin does become a problem. If you can relate to any of these issues and have are keen to try a new solution I have found one that is a little different from the rest and that I can recommend.

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Hope’s Relief Range

Hope’s Relief has been formulated over 35 years, originally created by a Naturopath for her own daughter.  The current range includes intensive rescue cream, moisturising lotion, body wash and herbal hair care products all of which are created using therapeutic natural actives like Hospital Grade Organic Manuka Honey NPA 10+, Gotu Kola, Aloe Vera, Organic Calendula and  Licorice Root. Pilot tests show 93% improvement to skin making it Australia’s number 1 choice as a natural eczema cream. 

I have been testing the body wash, moisturising cream and intensive dry skin rescue and have to say they are good. The intensive cream in particular is wonderfully nourishing. The natural looking putty colour and lack of flowery fragrance add to the feel that this is one that actually works and is free of irritant ingredients including artificial colours, fragrances and petrochemicals. The moisturising cream is thinner yet easily absorbed for liberal spreading.

Moisturising Lotion and Intensive Dry Skin Rescue

The only product with a significant fragrance is the body wash, we have it in our cloakroom as a great way to refresh farm hands and add moisture all in one.

Hand Wash

I really can’t fault the range, personally I’m not a fan of the goat photo on the front of the body wash as I rather feel I have my farm goats still waving at me indoors but that is purely subjective and certainly doesn’t detract from the product quality.  My children have all been helping themselves to a little squeeze of the moisturisers to keep chapped hands and mouths at bay.     

You can buy the range on line at their website and in good health stores and independent pharmacies. We are also offering Coombe Mill readers a 20% off voucher on all non saver packs just enter promo code HOPE20 at www.hopes-relief.com these would make a wonderful and different Mother’s Day gift to rejuvenate tired winter skin in preparation for spring.

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