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Posted on February 22nd, 2016

We all know the importance of learning maths from a young age. It is one of the core subjects that all children need to learn yet it may seem unfair how some kids just ‘get it’ while others ponder. It may be hard to iron out natural inequalities however we can give our children every chance to be the ones who succeed by bringing maths into every day fun activities even before formal schooling starts. Here on the farm we often mix a little maths learning into activity hour, it may be choosing something longer or shorter than something else, working on a shape with paper or in nature or counting things on a nature walk. The children are never told they are learning maths, it simply fits into our hour of fun, although we have a full education category on the web site for those wanting to further all schooling related to their farm holiday experience.

Number Bundle

Number Bundle box

Gavin Mair, a UCL Mathematics Masters Graduate turned Goldman Sachs banker, has picked up on the evidence amongst educational bodies suggesting that learning with your child will enhance and speed up their ability to grasp the concepts and used this to create Number bundle, a monthly subscription toolbox for parents to help their children in maths.

Each box takes a topic from the national curriculum that is age relevant, for example boxes for pre-schoolers cover colour and counting whereas Year 2’s explore more complex areas like symmetry and division. The boxes come with full guidance for parents including all of the materials and discussion points needed to introduce and expand on the major themes from the mathematics curriculum, whilst spending fun, quality time with the child.

Every month the box contains a range of activities to engage your child including cookery, arts & crafts, active games, solo puzzles, cross stitch, outdoor play, science and a story. This really appeals to me as a way to learn outside of the classroom and I can instantly see how it might fit into our weekly fun on the farm here.

 Number Bundle the Mathematics Activity Box

Number bundle boxes cost £21 for a single purchase box or £16.99 per month for a subscription whereby each month subscribers are sent a brand new themed box. You can find out more from their website at  

We have been testing the preschool box and true to its word, the box really does think of everything. The activities are diverse so there is always something that will really appeal to your child, after all, we all learn differently and these boxes certainly allow for that. Here are just a couple of the ideas that we enjoyed from our box.

A welly hunt from our borrow collection; I showed the wellies, then hid them then the children had to find them and order them from smallest to biggest.

Welly Boot Hunt

The older girls enjoyed the enjoyed the mazes matching bigger and smaller people while everyone liked making playdoh shapes to fill in on the animal mats.  (Mats provided, playdoh is our own although there is a recipe to make your own in the box).

Play Doh animals and Mazes

There are plenty more activities in our box to go at, you might just see me referring to them over the summer in my Country Kids posts.

Win a 6 month subscription to number bundle

Win a 6 Month Subscription to Number Bundle

If you like the sound of Number bundle and have a child age 3 to 7 why not enter our competition to win a six month subscription and watch your child become that “can do” mathematician whilst having fun.

6 Month Number Bundle Subscription


I was sent my sample number bundle box to review; all opinions expressed are my own.