Strong Boys On & Off the Pitch

Posted on February 26th, 2016

Country Kids from Coombe Mill

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that Guy and Jed had taken up Rugby; they absolutely love it and will go out in any weather, happily rising on a Sunday morning when previously they would lie in.


Strong Boys On and Off The Pitch

I’m keen to support their enthusiasm as it is a great team sport, fantastic exercise and they both seem to show a talent for it; Guy as prop and Jed as wing. I turned up early to collect them with my long lens just to see how they were progressing and was quietly impressed with the skill they showed and the quality of passing between them and their team mates. It was only a practice session but they have since played in 2 matches and helped their team win against Newquay last week.


Boys at Rugby Training


Coming home it was straight in the bath as they were caked in mud, however they may as well not have bothered, there was some bleating coming from the top field and Guy, volunteered to go and check it out. He had his knife in anticipation it was yet another ewe stuck in the brambles in our top field. As expected as soon as Guy approached the eve she gave a huge tug and freed herself together with a trail of brambles and speed off down the field. As he was already up the top he decided to carry on round the perimeter of the field, there lying in the undergrowth was a lone sheep. As he approached she made no noise, nor did she attempt to stand up, he was sure she was dead, yet when he leant over to touch her she flinched. He tried to free her of brambles and help her to stand with no luck. It was pouring with rain and he had no choice but to return to the house for assistance. Ally was on hand to put his gym work to good use and carried her down the field to a waiting tractor and trailer, please excuse the photo quality it was torrential and I just grabbed a few phone shots.


Rescuing the Sheep


Safely in the shed we rigged up a heat lamp as she was shivering violently, added a bucket of water and some feed and left her in peace. We kept popping back to check on her each time fearing the worst but amazingly she was still hanging on, yet still unable to stand. As a result she couldn’t access her water so we used one of the bottles ready for lambing and took it in terns to feed her while Nick gave her a syringe of magic antibiotic.  


Bottle feeding and antibiotics


We were becoming optimistic as she began to gain strength, however we worried that there was a more serious problem as despite her kicks she couldn’t put weight on her legs, even with us trying to help her up. Hours became days and we kept turning her over and feeding her with her bottle and despite beginning to look brighter she still couldn’t stand. Farmer Nick had a word with our farming neighbours who specialises in sheep and he have us a bottle of liquid molasses he uses for ewes struggling with twins; warming the syrupy mix seemed to make it quite palatable to our young lady. 


The Magic Gloop

Eventually I had a final go at righting her knowing we would soon be going away for half term and with a wobble and a stumble she stood! The kids couldn’t believe it when they came home from school and it took just one more night in the trailer before she was strong enough to go back out in the field again. She really is a miracle sheep, I have never seen one come back from looking so near death before.


Miracle sheep stood up and in field


I was very proud of how the children had pulled together on the wettest of days, helped the ewe, nursed her and refused to give up on her. Hopefully the lamb she will be carrying will have survived too, we won’t have to wait too much longer now to find out, as we begin lambing any day! 

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