Welcoming March on the Farm with Open Arms

Posted on March 5th, 2016

Ready for Spring

I’m really looking forward to spring on the farm,  now that it feels like we are going to miss out on snow here in Cornwall I’m ready to fast forward to warmer times and am welcoming March with open arms.  Last week I shared a cute bunny photo and promised to bring baby rabbits to you this week. I’m not going into the details but the rabbits have disgraced themselves, shown the nastier side of nature and I now have nothing to share. That said we still have an incubator of eggs in my laundry room in hope of baby chicks, we have a goat or two looking fit to burst and I am on lamb watch each day as our first born are now due. Fingers crossed they make up for the misdemeanours of our bunnies. 

A family Day Out

Before I share some of my favourite photos from the farm this week I couldn’t resist including this photo from our day trip to Plymouth last weekend. This was taken down on the Hoe at sunset before a lovely family meal out. I only managed one photo before my camera died on me, but one shot was all I needed, we were there at just the right moment to capture the beautiful golden glow of the sun across the water.  

[instagram url=https://www.instagram.com/p/BCV_mEjPe9K/]

On the Farm

Back to Coombe Mill and we have had daffodils on the farm since Christmas,  they are still going strong and adding a welcome splash of colour each day come rain or shine

[instagram url=https://www.instagram.com/p/BCXhiDQve8W]

I really know March is here when the first bluebells appear. These are actually Spanish bluebells, their structured stem gives them away but they bloom before our native ones and give hope of things to come.

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After a packed week for the half term holiday, the farm is much quieter again now in the run up to Easter. This lovely family had the feed run to themselves and were able to take the morning fun at their own pace. Their eldest daughter was quite taken by our characterful goats.
Feeding the goats at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays. Cornwall
I hope wherever you live there are signs of spring too.