Where have all the lambs gone?

Posted on March 19th, 2016

Can it really be spring without lambs?

Spring has sprung and the farm is blooming. Every day I am spoilt for choice on beautiful images to my Instagram feed, yet the one thing missing on a farm holiday in March are new born lambs. We have a master spreadsheet in Farmer Nick’s shed detailing when animals are due and according to that our first ewe is now overdue. It has been my mission every morning and evening to walk the farm in search of new born animals. This has been a pleasure in the sunshine this week but alas no lambs and no baby goats (kids). That said the rabbits, which were in disgrace, now have a litter of baby bunnies (kits). We are quite confused over the mother of the kits as there is a different rabbit on kit patrol each morning and all sorts of colours emerging as their baby fluff comes in. Hopefully I’ll be able to share a weekly update on these now. 

I took this photo at sunset from the top of our sheep field whilst on lamb patrol.

Signs of spring as buds burst into colour on the farm.

Our baby bunnies at just 10 days old and beginning to gain their colouring.

The fairy gardens are coming to life with spring and the dry weather has really given them a tropical look with the woodchip flooring.

Days that start and end with sunshine like this week are just the best. I hope it is a sign of the summer to come.

Sunset in Coombe Mill Lane

Blogging Awards

Finally it is blogging awards time, please take time to vote for your favourites, it will really make someone’s day. There are some great blogs out this year and some different categories, don’t leave any blank, there is always a blog that fits somewhere.

In the BIBs I ‘d love to be your “Readers Choice” with a little bit of this and that all wrapped up in life on the farm.

For the Mad Blog Awards I’m less clear, I would love to be considered for use of photography for the Coombe Mill blog promoting our holidays, I love my Lifestyle, but I guess it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, or I am a less obvious Travel Blog. I’ll let you decide.

Wishing everyone a great week and the best of luck in the blogging awards.