Happy Easter from Coombe Mill

Posted on March 26th, 2016


A joyful time to be on the farm

Finally this was the week that saw those long awaited first lambs born. We had boy and girl twins followed by a single girl and feel confident now for those to follow. We have learned our lesson from last year and added more secure fencing to the nursery field to protect our new born lambs from foxes. Fingers crossed all is working and we have no orphans either. Who knows I may even managed to plant crops rather than grow animals in my garden greenhouse this year!  

I have so many lamb photos I could share but this first one of the twins is still my favourite of the week.



Lambs weren’t our only success, our incubated eggs hatched with 5 healthy baby chicks who all enjoy a cuddle with the guests on the morning feed runs.


I promised to give an update on the bunnies each week so here they are a week on. I am a little worried they are still reluctant to leave the nest and only appear to be opening one eye each.


On the plus side the older rabbits are treating the kits well and they are clearly still being fed by one or more of them. When the adults are not on baby patrol they are fair games for the guests to come and cuddle them, this photo depicts the joy the children derive from our bunny world.

Bunny cuddles in the rabbit house #farm #holiday #bunny #rabbit #holiday #Cornwall

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4 of our piglets went off to market this week, they were sectioned from those remaining and this young lady was keen to peek out and wave her friends off.

Piglet watching friends leave at coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays. Cornwall


To complete my animal themed Easter week I thought I’d share our thrifty craft from activity hour this week. All this ahead of our Annual Easter Day Egg Hunt which I may well be running while you read this post.


Good Friday had to be the best day of the week, we enjoyed Activity Hour outdoors, and while we lost the sun down in the valley during the last train ride of the week, I did capture a beautiful sunset from the top of our lane. 


What ever your plans I wish you a very Happy Easter Break

Fiona x