Cut and Colour Playbook for Creative Kids

Posted on April 4th, 2016

Education and Learning on the Farm

Here at Coombe Mill we love to encourage creative kids, to learn about the farm and nature and above all have a fun family holiday. Combining all these things is easy with our educational morning feed run where the children naturally ask Farmer Nick all sorts of questions about farm life and are happy to volunteer to help with everything from tractor driving to nursing lambs. Respect for nature, closing farm gates and learning which plants the animals can eat is all part of understanding nature on the farm. The jobs change by season with hay needed to supplement feed in the winter months when the grass isn’t growing. By the end of the week we have little farming experts who earn themselves a certificate for helping out.

Learning on the Feed Run at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays, Cornwall, England, UK

Before the children leave we run a craft based activity hour on the last day, here we try to pick up on farm learning, stretch imaginations and incorporate nature making it fun at all times. From stories to headdresses with a splash of paint, colouring and cutting around seasonal themes, this is social and fun for all creative kids.

Activity Hour throughout the Seasons at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays, Cornwall, England, UK.

Cut and Colour Play Book for Creative Kids

Anouck Boisrobert is a graphic designer and illustrator who has been taken on by Ivy Press to produce her charming and educational activity colour playbook covering the 4 seasons.

Book Covers at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays, Cornwall, England, UK.

 I was I was immediately taken with the idea, seeing an obvious connection with our farm learning. The concept is simple and the results so effective. The beautifully illustrated book contains four seasons over a number of pages. Each page has simple instructions to colour on one side and cut on the other. As you work through a season, following the instructions, you create a wonderful seasonal layered picture. The pictures are not over complicated and instructions very clear making it suitable for creative kids from a young age with reasonable scissor and pencil control. I would say age 6 to 9 would be perfect.

Cutting and Colouring the Book at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays, Cornwall, England, UK.

A helpful photo at the start of each season gives you an idea of what you are trying to create as well as a short write up about the season. All the way through there are little tips on colours to use to make the landscape, animals and plants for the season. I was really impressed with the book and at £9.99 all you need to add is a pair of scissors and colouring pencils for hours of happy creating. The book can be purchased from Amazon

Win your copy of the Cut and Colour Playbook – Seasons

Win a Cut and Colour Playbook for Creative Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays, Cornwall, England, UK.

For your chance to win a copy of this lovely book of seasons for creative kids just follow the instructions below. Good luck to all taking part.

Cut and Colour Playbook Seasons


I was sent my copy of the cut and Colour Playbook to use in our Activity Farm Crafts, all thoughts and opinions are my own.