The Coombe Mill Easter Egg Hunt

Posted on April 8th, 2016

Having enjoyed a wonderful Easter craft hour on Good Friday my heart sank at the weather forecast for the rest of the weekend. I was especially worried for our Easter egg hunt planned for Easter Sunday. Thankfully the forecasters were over pessimistic and we woke to sunshine on Sunday morning.

The Coombe Mill Easter Egg Hunt on the farm, Cornwall, England, UK.

Easter Morning Feed Run

The tractor was packed out for the Easter Feed run with standing room only in the trailer for some of the older children. Spirits were high with questions flying from many of the regulars asking after their favourite animals from last year like Rocky the goat.  However the highlight had to be the chickens who miraculously laid enough Cadbury cream eggs for all the children to have one each.  

Easter Sunday Feed Run at Coombe Mill Farm Family Holidays, Cornwall, England, UK.

We gave everyone an hour to revive and warm up before reconvening at the car park for an Easter Egg Hunt at 11.30am. This gave me, Guy and Clio time to hide our stash of 175 eggs across the play areas and hope that no one found them before we began.

Setting up the Easter Egg Hunt at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays, Cornwall, England, UK.

Easter Egg Hunt

There were plenty of excited faces all waiting to get started. I began by just letting the youngest children into the ride on play area to search, something that worked well last year, while the bigger kids waited patiently outside and watched.

Younger children hunting for eggs on the Easter Egg Hunt at Coombe Mill Family farm holidays, Cornwall. UK

I thought the older ones might burst with excitement by their turn came for a go at the Easter egg hunt. I was still worried with ages ranging from 4 to 10 it was going to be very hard to keep things fair. Then I had an idea, if I turned the hunt into a series of riddles to solve it would keep the older ones close to me, engaged in what I was saying and listening for where to go . It worked a treat and the children came up to me having exhausted one area to hear the next clue which I only gave out when everyone had caught up:

Riddle 1:

“What lives on the farm but sometimes in our imagination, can have wings and their very own gardens to dance in?”


 “Fairies in the Fairy Gardens”

In the Fairy Garden Hunting for Easter Eggs on the Easter Egg Hunt at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays, Cornwall. UK


Riddle 2:

 “When you go on holiday outside of England and have to cross the sea, what do you ride on?”


“A Boat, the play boat”

Hunting on the play boat for the Easter Egg Hunt at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays, Cornwall, England, UK.

Riddle 3:

“When the storms bring branches down from the trees at Coombe Mill, what can we use them to build?


 “A Den, it’s the Den building area”

Searching the Den Building Zone at the Easter Egg Hunt at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holiday, Cornwall, England, UK.

Now I had the challenge of taking them all right over to the far play area and knew I had to slow them down; an old tale sprang to mind that could work a treat.

Riddle 4 with morale too:

“Who knows the Story of the hare and the tortoise?” Hands fly up.  “Clio and Guy are my hares and you are all tortoises. Who goes faster?”

“The hares”

“Who wins the race?”

“The tortoises”

“The tortoises have to stay behind the hares and keep a look out along the way as the hares may miss the eggs on their journey and the tortoises will have time to spot them”.

Off down the path in search of Eggs at the Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays, Cornwall, England, UK Easter Egg Hunt.

My story worked and the older ones were kept in check for this last leg of the Easter egg hunt, darting off down the field for stray eggs cunningly perched in trees and on benches. We all waited at the finish line for the last tortoises to catch up before they all raided the final play area. To be fair to the older ones, they were very good at sharing their haul with the younger children, all the fun was in the discovery.

Searching for Easter Eggs in the Play Area and Mud Kitchen at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays, Cornwall, England, UK.

With another grand Easter egg hunt hunt complete I left everyone playing happily in the play area and making friends. Even Guy and Clio joined in.

 My phrase of the morning came from one young lad who I overheard saying to his Mum

“I love it here; everyone else staying has children too”

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