A Week of Kids and Birthdays

Posted on April 23rd, 2016

Kids and Birthdays on the Farm

There is a bit of a double twist to my kids and birthdays heading this week. My triplets turned 12 with the mother of all sleepover parties in our new games room with 15 of their closest new friends from secondary school. Meanwhile over on the farm Bully, our least friendly goat as the name suggests, gave birth to our first and only kid goat of the season.

A triple birthday

12 is an awkward age and the triplets tossed ideas for their party around for months. Since I was adamant I wasn’t having 3 parties they had to agree on something. In the past I’ve organised parties and made games up for them, but this year they were too old for that and just wanted their friends for a sleepover. I ended up with 18 of them all for a BBQ and a sleepover in our new games room. With table football, pool, pong and Wi-Fi all night they had a ball and I sent home 15 tired children the following morning.  

18 in our BBQ hut last night for a birthday supper. Just a little noisy!

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The cake took me hours to make but was almost all gone by the morning, I’m suspecting a bit of a midnight feast!

Birthday cake for my triplets 12 yesterday with a huge party tonight

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A new kid on the farm

We have had a great season for lambing this year, more about this on the blog tomorrow. Our goats have not been such a happy story. We have lost all at birth apart from one tiny little bundle who wedged herself safely between two panels of the shed and was found by Nick on his early morning rounds. She may have been rejected by Bully but she is much loved by us.

By the end of the week we had let Mum back to the field, moved the little kid onto formula and let her experience a little outdoor fun. If you fancy helping us name this little girl please head over to our Facebook Page

A new kid on the farm at Coombe Mill FamilyHolidays, Cornwall


Spring bloom

Apart from kids and birthdays the farm is blooming and spring has sprung. Wherever I look the farm is turning green and spring flowers are thriving. this is one of my favourites taken from the garden of Eden Scandinavian lodge. 

Spring flowers in Eden Garden at coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays. Cornwall


I couldn’t resist this one either, the fresh green of new spring leaves on a branch over hanging our river.

Spring leaves over the river at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays. Cornwall

Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead. 

Fiona x