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Posted on April 25th, 2016


Making education interesting for our children

Here at Coombe Mill we strive to deliver amazing educational children’s farm holidays. From toddlers to the end of the primary school years we provide holidays where having fun and learning go hand in hand. Our morning farm rides take the children out onto the farm in a tractor and trailer where they have a chance to drive with farmer Nick. Coordination and steering control is something they love to practice. Once with the animals question come at quite a pace and Farmer Nick patiently answers them. Hands on care and feeding opportunities are there for all who are willing. No one is forced to participate and children opt in at their own pace picking up on the experience of others. Watching confidence grow during a holiday here is magical for parents.

Animal Feed Run at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays, Cornwall

Learning through doing can stop here, but for those who want to supplement their understanding we also have farm educational pages on our website. These relate back to core areas of the national curriculum from maths and English to science and art.

Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays: where learning is fun in Cornwall

Our craft hour at the end of the week brings together farm learning, imagination and a little fun themed with events during the year, again education is made fun and the children respond with dedication and enthusiasm for all we do from hunting for bugs to making sail boats.

Activity hour at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays, Cornwall

Introducing the world’s most Amazing Children’s Educational Magazine

When the makers of a new children’s educational magazine contacted me to see if I would like to receive a copy, I was immediately curious to see what was Amazing apart from the title.

Amazing Magazine, the Children's Educational Magazine

I was thrilled to discover the philosophy for learning was akin to Coombe Mill. The magazine is designed for kids who can read independently and probably moving into key stage 2 at age 7 plus. Using a fun comic style, national curriculum subjects are covered in an engaging manner. Think horrible histories across all subjects, in fact the ex-editor of Horrible Histories is part of the team, as well as writers from Simpsons and The Beano.  Reading is fun when it’s about things that appeal to kids. Zombies, aliens and smelly feet all have their place in education. The Amazing children’s educational magazine know just how to relate these fun subjects back to stuff kids really need to learn. From words derived from Latin to recipes and various subject challenges there really is something for everyone to suit both boys and girls.

Reading Amazing, the children's Educational Magazine at coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays, Cornwall

How to make a catapult caught Guy’s attention. We had all the items in my craft cupboard so I brought them out and watched him create following the magazine instructions. 

Making and testing a catapult at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays, Cornwall

Guy practiced firing a bottle top from his catapult and worked out how to achieve the most powerful shot. 

Here at Coombe Mill we love our copies of this children’s educational magazine and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others. It is amazing value to at £49 for an annual subscription or less for online copies. I think this would make a great gift idea from friends and relatives who want to invest in your child’s future.

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Win a year’s subscription to the world’s most Amazing Educational Children’s Magazine

If you have a child age 7 plus who might enjoy this fun style learning journey trough a monthly copy of the magazine why not enter below and win a year’s subscription delivered to your door.

Win a year's subscription to Amazing Magazine with Coombe Mill Blog

 Just follow the instructions below. Good luck to all taking part.

Amazing Magazines


We were sent our copy of the Amazing children’s educational magazine to review, however all thoughts and opinions expressed are our own.