Shortlisted in the 2016 BIBs Awards

Posted on May 2nd, 2016

I keep reading this title again and again; I am so pleased I’m not quite sure I can believe it yet. 3 days I have sat on this news and pondered this post and still the words refuse to come. It is such an honour to be shortlisted in the 2016 BIBs Awards (Brilliant in Blogging), to find myself in 2 categories leaves me speechless in the best possible way.

2016 BIBs Awards Shortlist for Coombe Mill in Social Media and Readers Choice


I don’t even want to think about the competition out there for the next stage, I’m still enjoying reaching this milestone. But seriously I’ve had a good look at the shortlisters in all categories and frankly wow, what a talented list with so many of my favourite blogs being recognised and a few I’m keen to discover.

2016 BiBs Awards for Social Media

I have been shortlisted 3 times and a finalist twice but never made it all the way. I feel so guilty asking to be considered again in this category especially with such well known social media gurus in the line up with me all of whom deserve to win, but I’m swallowing my guilt and asking.


Blogging is more than my passion, it is how I market Coombe Mill, and it is how Mum’s and Dad’s with young children discover our farm and book holidays. Without my blog and the social media channels I run to support it, I’d have no marketing for our family holidays. It is where I share our latest crafts, our outdoor fun, our new building programmes and all the latest news from the farm.

To be a finalist in this category and in with a shout of winning is the ultimate sign I’m doing the best I can for our family business. If you don’t already follow me please do, I’m around on every platform as Coombe Mill and you’ll find it hard to miss me in real life at a blogging event.


Fiona at #SBS winners meet up representing Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays, Cornwall.

2016 BiBs Awards for Readers Choice

This brand new category on BIBs really excites me and I cheekily popped on my side bar from the start thinking it really could be the category for me. I feel like a liquorish all sort in the blogging world. I’ve always been a parent blogger but as my six children are now age 12 – 18 I write about them less, not because there is less to say, on the contrary; but they all have their own social media now and frankly anything I might want to say about them is “embarrassing” and would be seen by their friends. I respect this and feature parenting tips from experience less than I once did. That said; with parental permission I still share plenty of parenting fun here on the farm with our holiday guests.   Our weekly Activity hour covers some imaginative crafts which I follow up with tutorials in my #Trash2Treasure linky. Outdoor fun is what gave me my blogging voice and my #CountryKids linky is now in its 5th year with a new outdoor adventure from the farm to our family travels each week. Add to this my desire to build education into everyday life and all under the umbrella of farm life and I have a blog of all sorts.


Coombe Mill Blog covers all the fun of the farm and more at our holidays in Cornwall.


Readers Choice is the place for me and if I were to be your choice for the finals I might just swim across our river to celebrate fun on the farm. Trust me that would be a personal challenge and I’d video it screams and all, though I can’t promise to be as brave as my kids jumping in from the bridge.

Jumping in the river

 Many congratulations to all the shortlisted 2016 BIBs Awards bloggers, you have such talent and I admire you all   

Please vote for your favourites here.