Bluebell Woods in Full Bloom

Posted on May 7th, 2016

Every year I look forward to the bluebells coming out on the farm. They are scattered in the hedgerows and along the wooded pathways adding a dash of purple over the now wilting daffodils of early spring. Backing onto our deer field at Coombe Mill a public footpath takes you through the most beautiful bluebell woods. Here the bluebells cluster in their zillions and on a balmy spring evening it makes a wonderful walk.

Bluebells on the farm >

Goat Walking in Bluebell Woods

We have a pet goat called Queenie who needs a bottle four times a day and loves to come for walks with us. This past week Clio and I have been taking Queenie through Bluebell woods for her afternoon feed after school. There are no roads to cross and is a perfect walk for little legs. I remember fondly playing in here with all my children when they were younger and walking Sprout, last year’s hand raised goat, through Bluebell woods with Guy. Each year the bluebells and warmer weather go hand in hand and spending time in the woods is always a joy.  


Bluebell Woods with Clio


The feeling of space and nature all around is the most uplifting sensation. The only sound here is of the river Camel running down through Coombe Mill, the scamper of rabbits and the odd robin chirping; until we arrive of course. Then there is bleating and prancing from Queenie and laughter from Clio filling the air.


Queenie the goat with Clio in Bluebell Woods at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays. Cornwall


After a good play in the woods a bottle of milk is the perfect treat for Queenie


Feeding Queenie the goat in Bluebell Woods


My favourite photo is this one of the two of them enjoying a cuddle before we headed back over the stile into Coombe Mill. 


Clio and Queenie the goat Enjoying a cuddle in Bluebell woods


I hope you have managed to find a little time to step out of the everyday and appreciate nature springing to life with the warmth from the sun. 

A Special Spring Offer from Coombe Mill 

We have just introduced some temporary lower prices for May 2016 and these are being carried forward to May 2017. If you are tempted by a spring break with us do take a look at booking a family break while the lower rates apply.  Goat walking  in bluebell woods is optional!