Play to Invent with Engino

Posted on May 9th, 2016

Engino: for kids who love to create and build.

Kids the world over enjoy making and creating things. Here on the farm the children love making camps, dens and creating games in the mud kitchen. My own have grown up with this lifestyle  and now help their Dad around the farm with DIY or even taking the initiative themselves as Guy did with our new bunny hutch. We are eager to support farm learning with our farm crafts too where the children make things from nature, recycling and more.  For all of you with children who loved Duplo and now Lego or Meccano there is now a new product on the market perfect for indulging those creative minds called Engino.

Play to Invent iwth engino, a great educational toy reviewed by Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays. Cornwall

Imagine Lego but with a snap and click system on up to 6 sides simultaneously, rods that are extendable and a motorised battery too. This is what makes Engino unique. Buy one design and invent many more from the same kit. There are 30, 60, 90 and even 120 model sets all starting from under £30. It really is a case of play and invent as you go. the range is already a hit on the continetn winning numerous awards and is now available in the UK at 

The age range on Engino is from 6 to 16. This is because some of the pieces are very small and careful reading of the instruction manual and patents is needed.

Engino Range as reviewed by Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays. Cornwall

My 11 year old triplets really enjoyed building the 3 base models we had. They began with a friend late one afternoon at the end of a long sleepover day and really needed something to focus on and calm down after hours out on the farm. When I brought the boxes and a tray outside to them I wasn’t convinced they would take to it but just popped it down as a suggestion. Whether it was having a friend round, being physically tired or just being competitive I’ll never know, but Engino captured their imaginations they became quite absorbed.

Engino building fun at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays. Cornwall

Their friend left and I thought that might be the end of building for my kids. To my delight they carried on at the kitchen table well into the night determined to complete them all.

Building with Engino at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays. Cornwall, UK

Engino has shown a new side to my triplets I have never seen before and I’m keen to encourage this further. It is great for developing dexterity, problem solving, imagination and more. I’m sure if you have a child who enjoys this style of challenge Engino will be adored. The models can be built, played with, taken apart and rebuilt in any number of ways. The limit is only your child’s imagination.

Engino toys built at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays, Cornwall. UK

The kid’s perspective

My kids found they needed a fair bit of strength to click the pieces together but then they do hold allowing you to play without it falling apart again. There is a handy tool provided to help with disassembly when you are ready to recreate. The instruction manual is very easy to follow and picture heavy which suited them really well, though there is an interactive download for the instructions if you prefer. Quality is not compromised in building these sets to a great price so you can use and reuse without fear of breakage. Everything you need is provided in the pack except batteries for the motorised models.

Play to Invent with Engino. The creative construction toy my triplets love.

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Win your choice of Engino model

If you fancy starting your child off on the educational Engino range to fire their imagination, and build their creative problem solving capability just follow the instructions below.



I was sent my Engino kits for the purpose of this review, however all thoughts and opinions on the product are my own.