Celebrating Greek Easter 2016

Posted on May 15th, 2016

The family name 

Farmer Nick is Nikos to his family and with a surname like Cambouropoulos it is no surprise I have married into a Greek family. One of the huge benefits of this is enjoying the biggest celebration in the calendar, Greek Easter. The dates are worked out differently to English Easter and this year it fell at the beginning of May. It is the one time in the year when we try to get all the Cambouropoulos family together with another close Greek family to celebrate.

Greek Easter 2016

Greek Easter

In the past we have hosted Greek Easter at Coombe Mill, but this year Farmer Nick’s brother was hosting the event at a scout hut near his home in Winchester. It was going to be a long drive from Cornwall and back in a day and I can’t say I was relishing the journey. However it is an important date and everyone goes to so much trouble I knew we had to go.  I had been tasked with Keftedes, my speciality Greek meatballs and Greek Red Eggs which Felix made for me.

Greek Easter Christos Anesti

After a long three and a half hour journey we arrived to discover the most amazing scout hut I have ever seen. Acres of woodland and meadow leant themselves to the outdoor celebrations with bluebells and blossom abundant.

Blossom & Bluebells

As always there was a Greek feast accumulating as everyone brought their designated dishes to the table and greeted each other with the Greek Easter welcome “Christos Anesti”

The centre piece of any Greek party is a spit roast lamb which has to be started early in the morning and is the duty of the host. It is such a welcoming smell basted in olive oil and rosemary.  Everyone takes a turn at turning the spit over a drink.

Greek food at Greek Easter

I have to say the day was idyllic and I was so pleased to have gone. My triplets played football with their younger cousins in the meadow.

Football at Greek Easter

The seniors reminisced over old times

Seniors at Greek Easter on our travels from Cornwall.

The teens ‘hung out’

Greek Easter with Teens

Clio made me feel guilty she never had a baby brother or sister

Clio looking after the little ones at Greek Easter

And the food and wine flowed as we all exchanged news and celebrated one of the cousins’ birthdays.

I really should explain the ‘red eggs’. They look so impressive all died red and really it is a terrible waste of our Coombe Mill eggs as they all go in a big game rather like conkers where the aim is for your egg not to crack when hit against another. From young to old everyone unites in the challenge and anyone could be the winner. It is the traditional end to any good Greek Easter party.

Game of Red Eggs

 It was a perfect family day and one that makes me so glad I married a Greek; even with the long drive home again I’m pleased to have joined in the festivities.

Do you have any family traditions like Greek Easter that just have to be attended?

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