Create a Magical Indoor Fairy Garden

Posted on May 16th, 2016

Wild Adventures Matter

We love to encourage imagination and creativity in children.  Our wild adventures will take you through to a world where imagination is a key.  Take an enchanted tour of our fairy gardens, mix up an amazing recipe is in our mud kitchen, build a camp in our purpose made den building zone or follow our welly walk challenge and discover our hidden tree swing.  Whichever you choose they are all designed to encourage imaginative play.

Wild Adventures at Coombe Mill Self catering farm holidays, Cornwall.

We often explore the wild areas of Coombe Mill during our Activity Hour, making new editions for the fairy garden or embracing a nature hunt. We also try to have something that children can take home and keep indoor too, like the spider plants we made last month.

Making Spider Plants at Coombe Mill Self catering farm holidays, Cornwall.

Creating an Indoor Fairy Garden

When the lovely folk at Prezzybox asked if I wanted to test out their new magical indoor fairy garden I was thrilled.  This is a gift after my own heart.  Let your imagination run wild building a fairy garden to your own style. All the magical accessories are included, though there is always scope to add your own too, all you really need to provide is compost.

Whats in the box Indoor Fairy Garden at Coombe Mill Self catering farm holidays, Cornwall.

Clio helped me build ours; we had compost left from planting our greenhouse this season. It was super easy to follow the picture heavy instructions to build our fairy house and fill the garden.

Making the Fairy Garden at Coombe Mill Self catering farm holidays, Cornwall.

It takes a steady hand and there are lots of small parts so I wouldn’t recommend this for under 4 years, the older your child, the more detail they will add and care they will take. The part I really love is the grass seed to scatter around the garden.  This needs to be carefully watered had on a regular basis.  When we finished creating our fairy garden we had fun choosing different places to play with it in the Coombe Mill fairy gardens.

Fairy Garden in the Fairy Garden at Coombe Mill Self catering farm holidays, Cornwall.

As this is an indoor fairy garden I we took ours into the greenhouse to grow between the tomato plants.  the children have a rota for watering duty each evening that now includes the magical fairy garden.

Fairy Garden in the Green House at Coombe Mill Self catering farm holidays, Cornwall.

If you don’t have a greenhouse then a window ledge or sunny space indoors is ideal just remember the garden needs a little moisture to grow and you may need to turn it every few days so your grass doesn’t all grow pointing to the window. Sit back and watch your indoor fairy garden develop.  The grass will take a couple of weeks to grow and can be trimmed with a pair of scissors and the garden rearranged and recreated to your heart’s content.

What we Love

This is the ultimate gift for any child wishing to explore imagination, be creative and who is ready to accept a level of responsibility to make their indoor fairy garden grow. That’s a lot of benefits and all for just £12.95 from the Prezzybox website.

Fairy Garden with grass at Coombe Mill

Create Your Indoor Fairy Garden with Coombe Mill

Win a Create Your Own Fairy Garden with Prezzy Box at Coombe Mill Self catering farm holidays, Cornwall.

For your chance to win one of these beautiful gift sets just follow the instructions below. Good luck to all taking part.

Create Your Own Fairy Garden


We were sent our create and play indoor fairy garden to review for this post.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.