How to Make a Treasure Chest filled with Treasure

Posted on June 12th, 2016

Pirates are a great theme for childhood play. There is a little history, plenty of adventure and make believe and best of all it appeals to both girls and boys. Here on the farm I’d say pirates is one of our more popular Activity Hour Crafts as the children enjoy both creating costumes and props and the games and activities that follow. Do check the link for how we incorporate both. Last week I explained in detail how to make Cutlasses and Eye patches for my #Trash2Treasure link up. This week I’m sharing how to make a treasure chest complete with treasure from everyday throw away items.  

Treasure Chest & Treasure

Pirate Chest and Treasure at Coombe Mill Family Holiday Lodges, Cornwall, England, UK.

What you’ll need:- 

  • Flip lid Shoe Box or container
  • Black paint
  • silver foil
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • egg cup
  • Double sided sticky tape
  • cardboard from old cereal boxes
  • Felt tips or marker pens or coloured paint
  • plastic egg boxes and / or chocolate tray inserts
  • old necklaces or bracelets

What you'll need pirate chest from Coombe Mill holiday cottages Cornwall, England, UK.



  1. Paint a flip top shoe box black and leave to dry

  2. Once dry unfold a bin bag and line the inside of the box leaving it loose to look like material and cut off any excess.
Steps 1 & 2 Treasure Chest
Steps 3 & 4 Treasure Chest
  1. Place strips of double sided sticky tape around the edges of the box 

  2. Carefully lay the cut to size bin bag into the box making sure that all the edges are secured and the box move to one side

For the Treasure

    1. Pirate Coins
    2. Trace around the top of an egg cup on an old cereal box
    3. Cut it out and even out your circle,
    4. Wrap the circles in small scraps of tin foil
    5. For extra decoration use a pencil to emboss skull and crossbones.
    6. To make gems instead of coins use shiny wrapping paper or sweet wrappers such as quality street using sticky tape to hold them on. 
Pirate Coins at Coombe Mill
Ferrero Roche Gems at Coombe Mill Self Catering Accommodation.
    1. Ferrero Roche Gems
    2. Take out the lining tray from a ferrero roche plastic box
    3. Cut out each indiviual cup
    4. round off any sharp square edges
    1. Egg Box Gems
    2. You can use an old egg box similarly as done here by Larabee UK


  1. Place some double sided sticky tape on the inside of some of your coins to stick them around the edge of your box to decorate

  2. We also drew a skull onto a piece of cereal box, cut it out and stuck it on the top. 
Decorating the Treasure Chest at Coombe Mill Self Catering Accommodation, Cornwall, England, UK.
Treasure Chest filled with treasure at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays, Cornwall, England, UK.
  1. Place the remaining treasure inside your chest.

A few Additions you could try

Try lining your box with silky material instead of a bin bag. 

See what other throw away packaging might make good treasure.

Take your treasure chest and hide the treasure for your little pirates to find. We used the pirate ship play ground to hide our treasure.

For a smaller chest try using an egg box instead of a shoe box as Meals & Makes did.

Enjoying a Treasure Hunt at the Coombe Mill Family cottage holidays Pirate Ship

A Vlog Tutorial on Making a Pirate Treasure Chest Filled with Treasure 



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